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Hello can you please suggest me which facing is good for me and wife for newly constructing house.

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Which facing house is suitable for me and my wife, my name is Mahesh Narasimhaiah,birth star Uttaraphalguni and my wife name is Nethra Byregowda, her birth star is Anuradha, please guide us which direction is suitable for us? we want to build a new house.

My birth date is 15.12.1984

My wife birth date is 11.11.1988

Thank you for your response in advance.

posted Oct 15, 2020 by Mahesh Narasimhaiah

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2 Answers

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East facing is good for both of you. It is based on Energy matching.

answer Oct 15, 2020 by S.rajahgopaal
Thank you very much sir
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respo  to which face is the Main road of thy House.. to that side only your  Main door has to be erected ok.

1, always let the main door have a peep clear view  through till the back door in straight angle ok.

2. let thy main door and back door be of two doors instead of 1 door.  the main door if it is 6 1/2  feet height , the  back door should be 6 feet height  ok.

3. let thy drawing room / visitors room have good space  and light from the windows.

4. if possible  keep a small  room only for thy almirah and  drawers along with store room ( this should be at southwest corner and the door entry should be  facing North. also this room should have  ventilator and  no windows ok. let the Ventilator be  covered by green glass sealed too.ok ( so that air/ bugs/ lizards and  spiders should  come in ).

5. always hang a white bottle  at the Entrance of the main door  center  on the top which has -- Crystal sugar + Rock salt + Turmeric+ Garlic +Pepper + Clove + Camphor+ kumkum   ( all should be put in seperate cloth pieces ok ) tie this bottle with a red cloth  and yellow thread..    every year  clear out all from the bottle and repeat this procedure ) for good energy to flow in.OK.

6. always keep planted Tulasi tree at the main entrance center  and light a  green light to at night .time. so that no need of lighting lamp daily except on fridays.

7. let a clock be  hanged on the south wall facing North.. daily when going outside pray suryadev and  step out..all will be ok .  thankyou.  


answer Oct 16, 2020 by Sunil Kumar Menon
Sir, Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.
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