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Need a Factory Vastu Layout for reference

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Please help me with the layout of Vastu for factory.. Where to keep the machinery, electric junction, office with toilet in factory, toilet/washroom for labours, etc etc..

posted May 5, 2016 by Dhinal Patel

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1 Answer

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Following are the points, one must check for Vastu, deciding about the factory plan:

  1. Factory premise should be square or rectangle (1:2) proportion is preferable and Northwest and South West corners should be at 90*

  2. Boundary walls in South and West should be heavy and taller than walls in north and east. Natural flow of water should be from SW to NE. South-west portion of construction should be highest point.

  3. The well, borewell, underground water storage, garden etc.should be in the East, North or NorthEast. More open space should be in north and east rather than in south and west.

  4. In the South East corner, leaving 2 to 3 feet from the compound wall a transformer/electrical room can be made. Also servant, Guard/security room can be there without touching the walls. North-East direction should be avoided for a guard room or security cabin. For East facing gate the security office should be on South-East side of gate, and for North facing gate it should be on North-West side.

  5. Worker's Quarters should be in south-east or north-west but never in south-west.

  6. Canteen should be in south-east

  7. Water source, bore well should be in the Northeast. The level of the plot should be low in the Northeast.

  8. In the West main office, Laboratory, Administrative office can be arranged.

  9. Boiler, Fire and electrical items should be in the SouthEastcorner. Raw materials, store room,Waste material etc. should be in the SouthWest corner. In the SouthWest corner heavy items can be kept. The main plant should be in the SouthWest corner. Light machines can be installed in the North side.

  10. Finished goods should be kept in the NorthWest corner. Delivery should be given from a door in the North side.

  11. The overhead tank should be in the SouthWest or North West.

  12. Parking should be done in the North or East.

  13. Main entrance should be in the East or North. It should never be in the SouthWest. West entrance is fine.

  14. Big trees for pollution control should be in south and west side only.

  15. Lawn or seasonal plants may be grown on east and north side of the factory.

  16. If a temple is build, it should be in NorthEast.

answer May 6, 2016 by Nimesh Kumar
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