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regarding staircase

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Sir, the turning of stairs is towards left side

Remedy to overcome this vastu dosh

posted Apr 21, 2016 by Amit Kumar Moudgil

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Can you please specify in which of the Vastu zone staircase is coming?
 E.g., NE, SW, W etc.
Staircase is decending from which direction to which direction? Like south to north, west to east etc.
How many stairs you have in the staircase, odd number stairs or even numbers?
Any specific colors you have in your staircase wall?

1 Answer

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Direction of staircase

Stairs in a home should never start or end from/in Kitchen, Pooja/Prayer Room, Store Room or Strong Room.

Keep your staircase light, use light colors.

Some Vastu shashtri's also suggest to use mirror, Vastu pyramids etc.

answer Apr 22, 2016 by Sukumar
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My Home is east facing and main door is in the southeast corner & kitchen is on east . Stair case is just in front of main door. Plz suggest any remedy to avoid vastu dosh. Bedrooms and puja room are in place as per vastu. plz help

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Dear Vastu team,

I have attached a ground floor plan for our duplex house. Our house is in primary construction phase.
As its a part of township, we can only perform changes in the inner plan. So I request you to kindly look into the plan layout and provide your comments on Vastu remedies.

One major thing what I have noticed is the staircase in the center of the house, it is a major vastu dosh. We can not change the staircase location, so please provide vastu remedies for this issue.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurang Rana

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I want to construct a house on a west facing plot. I am planning to put main door in North (not north-east), 

Is it advisable to put internal stairs above main door (Stair rising  from south to north and turn anti-clock above main go to above floor?

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Dear sir
How i count stair step please tell detail.with picture
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