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Vastu remedies for our house plan.

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Dear Vastu team,

I have attached a ground floor plan for our duplex house. Our house is in primary construction phase.
As its a part of township, we can only perform changes in the inner plan. So I request you to kindly look into the plan layout and provide your comments on Vastu remedies.

One major thing what I have noticed is the staircase in the center of the house, it is a major vastu dosh. We can not change the staircase location, so please provide vastu remedies for this issue.

Thanks and regards,
Gaurang Rana

posted Apr 14, 2016 by Gaurang Rana

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Sorry to say that your plot ground energy is totaly negative. Also the vastu energy leves is poor. You may face somany problem while constrcting stage. Pl ensure to rectify the same.
S.Rajahgopaal, vastu & cosmic energy consultant, 9840249266

8 Answers

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answer Apr 16, 2016 by Gaurang Rana
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Dear gaurang,
You can create a lighter staircase, if there is no other option but to keep the staircase at the same place. These days you can make very light staircase using glass material and steel than a heavy concrete structure. That will make Brahmasthan relatively lighter.

answer Apr 16, 2016 by Sukumar
Hi Kumar,

Thanks for answering. It's very helpful. I will sure look for such lite weighted staircases instead of concrete.

I request you to please go through all plan layout of my house and suggest  remedies. I have attached my plan in my comments. Or provide me your email, I'll sent those to you.

Thanks in advance.
Gaurang Rana
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plot which is extending in the SE side is not considered good according to vastu, you should carve out rectangle from your plot. One option is have a soft boundary, which will make this plot rectangular, you may use mehndi or similar type haze for that purpose.

I have also noticed that your house main entry is below the staircase. Vastu recommends that only store can be made below the staircase.

Do you any other option in the same township?

answer Apr 16, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar
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Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for replying.

All house are of similar plan, so we do not have other option.

Please suggest me best possible remedies to overcome all above Vastu dosha.

Yesterday, I have taken compass reading on my cell phone. I am attaching the image here with please see if this can give some help. I have taken this reading  while standing in the center of the plot and keeping the red arrow in parallel to North and south boundaries, it is giving approx 16 degree reading with the east direction So, the plot is not exactly matching to E W N S directions.

Thanks in advance.
Gaurang Rana

answer Apr 17, 2016 by Gaurang Rana
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Hello Gaurang,

 If you align the house to the Eastern wall of the plot, probably the directions ( orientation)  would be better. Send across the cardinal direction of the east boundary of the plot. 

Good Luck

answer Apr 19, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid
Can you please explain in detail, how to align the house to the eastern wall of plot? I am not able to understand. Also about the cardinal direction.

Thanks in advance.
Right now the walls of the house run parallel to the west boundary of the plot.
If you tilt the floor plan so that the outer walls of the house are parallel to the east wall, it would  compensate the tilt of the plot. This would make it more aligned to the directions.
Vastu recommends that plots and constructed house be aligned to the cardinal directions ( E,W,N S) , so the compass should show 0 Degrees North, or 90Degrees EAST.  or 180 Degrees EAST

Thanks for the explanation. Now it is clear to me, but it is not possible to align the floor plan parallel to East. It's a fixed plan as per township planner.

So, kindly suggest me some remedies to overcome the vastu dosha.
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Vastu shastra explains to us that subtle is very powerful.
Vastu is not just about the direction of sunlight and air flow.

The knowledge of vastu shastra available at this age is limited.
Another important aspect is that all negative effects can be reduced by increasing the "satva" within and around.
This is achieved by practice of meditation, contributing selflessly and being in the company of the pious.

So while you must strive to minimize the vastu doshas , it would help to be aware that a strong and satvik mind can very easily overcome the ill effects of vastu.

Please specify what level of remedy are you fine with. 

Remedies range from rearrangement of the elements in floor plan to things as subtle as Mantra. 

Mantra are very powerful and how they work is a secret. 
answer Apr 19, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid

As you have said, Mantra are very powerful as a remedy than please provide them. I'll apply them.

Also, to overcome dosha present in the plan, outer rearrangement is not possible we can do some corrections inside like removing toilet place or changing the direction in the floor, arranging dining area, making a liter staircase instead of concrete. So, please provide such type of remedies.

Also I am interested in the Vaastu pyramid, if you can suggest some options to generate more positive effects with it.

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I have gone thru your plan. I have few more concern about the plan, if we c0nsider Vastu for this.

  1. Shape of you plot, which is extending in SE side.
  2. Semi circular shape of your plot.
  3. Entrance on SW corner
  4. SE living area
  5. Dining in NE

Can you also upload your first floor plan?

answer Apr 15, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar
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Hi Mahesh,

Thank you for giving your time to analyse my house plan.

I am glad you have responded with vastu concerned area of my plot.

As you have suggested, I am attaching first floor plan and second floor plan of house.
Please go through it and give your comments with remedies.

Thanks & regards,
Gaurang Rana enter image description here

answer Apr 16, 2016 by Gaurang Rana
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