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The negative energy is directly linked to our Mind & Body. It basically starts when you are in some tensions or stress, you ant even know about when this Negative Energy take place in your Mind & Body and this will leads to mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, stress level increase and many more.

The creation of Negative Energy begins at a very subtle level and may be difficult to identify in the beginning.  However, with little awareness and consciousness one can look beyond the obvious.

Production of Negative Energy is directly with the thought process.

How the Negative Energy affects your life?

As you know, Energy is still around us in every person, in every place. And even though you can’t see it, it’s still there. However you met someone that you immediately liked or disliked?  That has everything to do with their vibes.  People’s energy, or vibe, can be either positive or Negative.

It is applicable to our living place, work place business place and other place.

In the same manner, our living place has also so many Negative energies, and it will affect us knowing or UN knowingly. 

In VASTU, there are two types of energy will create positive or Ne3gative.

  1. Earth or Ground Energy
  2. Building Energy


In vastu aspects the above two energies are very important.

If the ground energy is positive, the building in somehow positive.

If the Earth or ground energy is  negative this will affect the overall building even it is constructed following 100% vastu.

So one should know for vastu evaluation  we need to assess the ground and as well as building in all aspects.

Common known and unknown reason affects the building:

  • T-Junction points or Dead end
  • Electrical post opposite to house
  • Surrounding force
  • Over head electrical lines / High tension lines
  • Big trees or tall building opposite to house
  • Building nearby Temple, church, mosque, cemetery
  • Wrong location of Bore well, septic tank
  • Any corner extend or reduced
  • Any corner cut
  • Corners projection
  • Room arrangements inside the building
  • Main door entry
  • Staircase location
  • Toilet location
  • Kitchen location
  • Loft, cupboard arrangement
  • Windows arrangement
  • Balcony provision
  • Material arrangement force like furniture and placing other materials


The above points will helps to guide for your dream house.








posted Sep 20, 2019 by Rajah Gopaal

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