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North east bedroom

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We have a master bedroom in the north east part, and I we sleep with our heads towards north east,,,,is it ok, if not can we be helped with some remedy

posted Apr 8, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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NE direction is preferred direction for entrance, Puja, open area, balcony etc.
If you have no option other than NE for the master bedroom, you can have inside room settings as per Vastu.

Can you keep your bed in SW corner of the room, head can be in South or East direction.
Keep NE area of the room very light and clean.
Don't keep any mirror in the bedroom.

What about other rooms, kitchen location in your house?

answer Apr 8, 2016 by Anjani
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answer Apr 9, 2016 by Sukumar
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My master bedroom is in north east. We are trying to have a baby and we are not successful despite several treatments. Please help

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This is layout of my house
I have suffered lot of bad luck since moving to this house
2010 we moved in and job loss 3 years, working 2 years,

how can I improve, master bedroom is NE direction of the house. Can I change furniture of do anything to improve financial and career luck.
Just outside the entrance is garbage room 
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My apartment is on the south west side of the bldg.

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