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Any vastu tips for ganesh festival?

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posted Aug 31, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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first tips: - In Ganapati Puja this time, offer five colors modak to Lord Ganesha in a quantity of about one and a quarter kilos. Keep in mind that laddus should be slightly clean.

Second tips: - While offering the durva to Lord Ganesha, take special care that the durva should not be offered on his feet, keep it on his head and while offering that durva, definitely chant this mantra. The mantra "Om Gan Ganpatye Namah"

Third tips: - After worshiping Dwarka Singh Dev in pure ghee of cow, offer vermilion on the idol of Ganapati. 

Fourth tips: - Put a whole kilogram of green moong dal at the feet of Ganapati Maharaj and also keep two and a half grams of pistachio sweets. Donate this sweet and whatever is donated to a poor person later. 

Fifth tips: Married young women who are facing difficulty in marriage should offer Lord Ganesha a yellow sweet on this Chaturthi and keep a fast for a day, along with the ladoos made of ghee, jaggery and sesame seeds. Offer enjoyment

answer Aug 31, 2019 by Team Vastu
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