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Swarna Gowri Vrata Festival 2019 - Gowri Habba - Vastudekho

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Swarna Gowri Vrata Festival



Gowri festival is one of the Hindu festival dedicated to Goddess Parvati who is also called as Gowri. The Gowri festival is very famous and important in South India, viz., Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and this festival are celebrated a day before Ganesh Chaturthi. 

According to Hindu scriptures, Gowri is a very fair complexion incarnation of Goddess Parvati. This day married women observe Swarna Gowri Vrath seek blessings of Goddess Gowri for a happy married life. 

The story goes that on this day Goddess Gowri comes to devotees homes like a married woman visits her parent's house. The next day, her son Lord Ganesha comes to take her back to Mount Kailash. 

This festival is also known as Hartalika Teej in Maharashtra and other North India districts. 

As we all know that Shravan month is considered to be very sacred to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Gowri by observing fasting dedicated to them. Like Somvar vrat and Mangala gowri vrat are observed during Shravan month. 

Mangala Gowri vrat is observed by married women on each Tuesday during Shravan month. Married women observe Mangala Gowri Puja in the first five years of their marriage.


The Pooja Vidhan or rituals vary from region to region. The Pooja is observed with vegetarian food only. 


Mangala Gowri Pooja ritual or Vidhan:

How to perform the Mangala Gowri Pooja. As per Hindu rituals what matters more is devotion and we should not ponder too much over the performance of the rituals. A simple prayer with the lighting of lamp and offering of fruits and sweets is sufficient. 


Things Required for the Puja

• An image or idol of Goddess Gowri (Goddess Parvati) or five pyramid shapes made from turmeric powder.

• Kalash or Kalasha

• Rice

• Jaggery

• Cloth folded like a pyramid

• Cotton or flower garland

• Coconut broken into two halves

• Red flowers

• Variety of fruits 



 House and the puja room or area is cleaned without any tint of dust or dirt.

 House or the puja area is decorated with mango leaves and flowers


Pooja Ritual 

 Rice is spread on a plate or tray.

 The Kalasha pot is kept on the rice bed.

 The Kalash is half-filled with water.

 The inside neck of the Kalasha pot is decorated with betel leaves, usually five in number.

 A silver glass filled with unhusked wheat is placed on the right of the Kalasha.

 A cloth folded like a pyramid (one or more) is placed at the back of kalasha.

 A coconut is broken and one half each is placed on both sides of the kalasha.

 The Kalash tray can be filled with turmeric, kumkum, sandalwood and other Pooja items.

 Betel nuts and betel leaves (8 in number) are placed on the tray.

 A large piece of jaggery (the four corner one) is kept in front of the kalasha.

 Place the five pyramid shape made from turmeric powder on the four corners of the jaggery and one in centre.

 If there is no jiggery any need to worry about it. You can just keep an idol or picture of Goddess Gouri

 Decorate the turmeric pyramid or idol or picture of Goddess Gowri with turmeric, kumkum and flowers.

 You can also put a garland made from cotton thread or flowers on the pyramid or idol.


The Puja Begins

 Light the lamps

 Pray to the deity by offering flowers and by lighting incense.

 Offer fruits or the prasadam cooked.

 Place some flowers on the prasadam or fruits and on the deity

 Pray or meditate for a few minutes – this includes asking for a boon to the deity during the Mangala Gowri Puja. 

 After the Pooja, share the prasadam and fruits  with family members and friends

posted Aug 28 by Team Vastu

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Varamaha Lakshmi Festival falls on August 9, 2019 (Friday) and is a festival dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi. Prayers are offered to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity on this auspicious day. This ritual that Hindus continued to follow from decades is not only to seek blessings and luxuries but also for happiness, peace and spiritual knowledge.


All devotees on this day begin the day with an auspicious bath, purify the entire house by sprinkling Gangajal, decorating the house with flowers and mango leaves. They also exchange gifts and sweets with family, relatives and friends. During the evening, the Pooja begins by offering prayers to the deity along with Lord Ganesha the remover of all obstacles.



The Pooja is an ideal time for well wishes and bonding with family members. So while welcoming Goddess Mahalakshmi to your home, here are some useful Vastu tips to ensure your Pooja is done with Vastu guideline:


1.  First, you should choose the room that is located in the East or North-East direction for performing the Pooja.

2.  Make sure that your entire house is perfectly cleaned and clean the clutters and garbages. This ensures the flow of energy.

3.  Place the idols of the deities on a raised platform, with Lord Ganesha on the Left and Goddess Lakshmi on his right.

4.  The idols of the Gods should not face each other.

5.  All Pooja items should be kept before performing the Pooja.

6.  Include elements like Silver and gold coins, Pooja bell, Coconut, Haldi and red vermillion etc.


People seek Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings for success and wealth. As it is written in the scriptures with the blessings of both Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, one can find peace and prosperity in one’s life.

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Vastu Shastra provides guidance to help you improve and boost your Career. If your life is not moving in the way that you want it to be, it may be due to the lack or mismatch of balance and harmony within your environment.

There are many reasons and I am sure that you may have observed some of them yourself – one of your colleague or an acquaintance – who wasn’t academically as amazing as his fellows – leads a richer, more successful, happier and abundant life.


  • Love flowers? Place fresh flowers in a vase on the east side of your work desk. It is very important that the flower arrangement have a few buds as they represent new beginnings.
  • Do not keep dry flowers at home. They bring in negativity. One should flow them in to water after they dry up.
  • Place a Laughing Buddha at your workplace to fight stress, depression, and bring happiness at the workplace.
  • Open spaces ahead of you while working, perform openness and new ideas will come to you. Wooden furniture is considered the best.
  • Keeping plants in South-east corner of your office; supports business and money growth.
  • Place a crystal on your table to promote monetary flow and for a cheerful ambience.
  • Face north direction when you work, for boosting concentration.
  • Place a fish aquarium in the north-east direction of your house for better growth and to reduce negative energy. 


  • The main door of your house should be in a positive direction to have good career growth. Location of inauspicious entrance may restrict your career growth.
  • Avoid sitting with your back towards the main door.
  • Avoid metal or plastic furniture as they are noisy and shaky. It leaves a bad influence and lack of support.
  • While sleeping place your head towards east. It will help you in improving your career.
  • Never sit cross-legged. Remember your grandmother's advice of sitting position should be straight and not cross-legged? Well, this holds true for a workplace too. It is advisable never sit cross-legged at work!
  • Any Toilet situated towards the north zone of your house can restrict your career or job opportunities. Get it corrected with Vastu remedies for more success.
  • Don’t place or hang negative pictures, such as war, violence, crying baby or lady etc.
  • Never hang any scenery poster of the water body on a wall behind you; it denotes lack of support.
  • Never sleep under beam or ladder steps.
  • Avoid Negativity in the portraits
  • If you are working at the home or office, it should not be next to a bedroom. In fact, people who hold high positions in corporate or government organizations should have offices located far from their home entrance.


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Vastu tips to place Ganesh Idol

As everyone is aware that Lord Ganesh is also known as the Lord of prosperity, good luck, wealth and success, wisdom and intelligence. He is also known as Remover of obstacles.

We bring you useful Vastu tips in placing the Ganesh Idol in the right place.

Vastu Ganesh Idol :

Ganesha idol facing towards left is known as Vastu Ganesha which solves most of our Vastu related problems.


Drishti Ganesh:

Drishti Ganesh Idol can be placed in many ways at home or office space. The Idol has to be placed just opposite to the entrance of the house. It's much better to place the Ganesh idols in pair facing different sides.

Never keep a picture facing another room with its backside.

White Ganesh Idol with trunk to left direction is the best because that with right facing trunk needs more care, attention to keep it in your home. Ganesh idol with the trunk facing right is found in temples only.


Best Direction to place Ganesh Idol:

East or West directions of the house are suitable directions to place Ganesh Idol. Northeast of the house is the best location to place Ganesh idol. If a northeast corner is not available then the idol may be placed either facing north or east while offering prayers.


South direction is strict “No”

Never place a Ganesh Idol in the south direction. Idol should never be near the toilet/washrooms or across a wall that is attached to the bathroom.


Never place the idol in Bedroom

Never place the idols in bedrooms because as per Vastu your feet should not face the idol.


Different types of idol

Ganesh idol can be made up of mango, peepal, neem trees and this is known to attract good luck and positive energy. Idols made of cow dung is the best to eradicate all sorrow and attract positive energies.

Crystal idols are known to remove all Vastu doshas and there will be the change in one’s life Turmeric idols is highly auspicious.



Place a small bowl of rice in front of Ganesh idol which is a great offering to God. Always place the Ganesh idol on a raised platform

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Vastu tips for Krishna Janmashtami


About Krishna Janmashtami


Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is an annual Hindu festival that is celebrated throughout the country. It is an important festival to Hindus and it is celebrated in grandeur particularly at Mathura or Vrindavan. The devotional singing through the midnight (Lord Krishna was born in midnight according to Hindu scriptures and Puranas) and upavas (fasting) and a grand celebration the following day is part of the Janmashtami celebrations.


As per the tradition and being followers of Hindu rituals, few Vastu tips and guidelines are given here as to benefit spiritual knowledge, positive energy, love, peace and prosperity.



Vastu tips:


We always try to get rid of negative energies away from our home, surroundings etc. Some of the negative energies are inscribed in our scriptures so that we know how to stay away from them.


We give you a list of how to place the flute and peacock feathers at home.


1.  The flute is made of bamboo and keeping the flute and peacock feathers at home wards-off negative energies away. Not only on Janmashtami day but other days also we can keep them at our home.

2.  Keeping a flute also strengthens the family bond and this pleases the Lord who keeps the family happy and prosperous

3.  The flute is made of bamboo and it possesses all qualities like fast growth, strength to face an adverse environment. Hence keeping a flute at home is good for progress and stability.

4.  Flute rectifies Vastu doshas such as defects of a wrong entrance, beam defect, construction defects etc. The flute converts any kind of negative energy into positive energy.

5.  If the building has three houses constructed in a row, then two flutes have to be placed in the shape of a “V”. The mouth of the flute should face downwards on the main entrance door.

6.  If the beam is above the head, place the flute such that it should hang appropriately on the beam.

7.  Keeping a flute under the pillow also gives sound sleep.

8.  Flutes have to be tied with a red ribbon to serve well for warding off negative energies.

9.  Peacock feather is considered as protection and therefore safeguard the positive energy around us.

10.  Keeping peacock feathers at home brings prosperity and wealth. It also has keeps away the flies and other insects.

11.  The peacock feather has to be kept in the South direction of the locker room (where the money is kept). You have to keep the feather in a standing position to attract wealth because South direction is meant for Lord Kubera (Lord of wealth)

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.