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Top 11 tips for Krishna Janmashtami - Vastudekho

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Vastu tips for Krishna Janmashtami


About Krishna Janmashtami


Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is an annual Hindu festival that is celebrated throughout the country. It is an important festival to Hindus and it is celebrated in grandeur particularly at Mathura or Vrindavan. The devotional singing through the midnight (Lord Krishna was born in midnight according to Hindu scriptures and Puranas) and upavas (fasting) and a grand celebration the following day is part of the Janmashtami celebrations.


As per the tradition and being followers of Hindu rituals, few Vastu tips and guidelines are given here as to benefit spiritual knowledge, positive energy, love, peace and prosperity.



Vastu tips:


We always try to get rid of negative energies away from our home, surroundings etc. Some of the negative energies are inscribed in our scriptures so that we know how to stay away from them.


We give you a list of how to place the flute and peacock feathers at home.


1.  The flute is made of bamboo and keeping the flute and peacock feathers at home wards-off negative energies away. Not only on Janmashtami day but other days also we can keep them at our home.

2.  Keeping a flute also strengthens the family bond and this pleases the Lord who keeps the family happy and prosperous

3.  The flute is made of bamboo and it possesses all qualities like fast growth, strength to face an adverse environment. Hence keeping a flute at home is good for progress and stability.

4.  Flute rectifies Vastu doshas such as defects of a wrong entrance, beam defect, construction defects etc. The flute converts any kind of negative energy into positive energy.

5.  If the building has three houses constructed in a row, then two flutes have to be placed in the shape of a “V”. The mouth of the flute should face downwards on the main entrance door.

6.  If the beam is above the head, place the flute such that it should hang appropriately on the beam.

7.  Keeping a flute under the pillow also gives sound sleep.

8.  Flutes have to be tied with a red ribbon to serve well for warding off negative energies.

9.  Peacock feather is considered as protection and therefore safeguard the positive energy around us.

10.  Keeping peacock feathers at home brings prosperity and wealth. It also has keeps away the flies and other insects.

11.  The peacock feather has to be kept in the South direction of the locker room (where the money is kept). You have to keep the feather in a standing position to attract wealth because South direction is meant for Lord Kubera (Lord of wealth)

posted Aug 23 by Pt. Munindra Dubey

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Vastu for Store Room


We store many heavy items in one particular room called a Store Room. This is the place we keep all junk things or annual stock granary. There are Vastu rules for a storeroom too.


The storeroom should be in the Northwest part of the house. We do store grains and pulses in large bags in this room. It is advised as per Vastu to store heavier things in one particular place of the house called a storeroom.



We provide here some Vastu tips:


•  Northwest part is the best place to construct the storeroom. It is considered beneficial in terms of providing good grains supply.

•  The door in this room should not be in Southwest direction. Other directions are fine.

•  The storeroom should have maximum height than that of other rooms. The windows should be towards East or West sides.

•  Vastu colour for this room can be of white, yellow or light blue

•  A picture of Lord Vishnu should be placed on the eastern wall of the storeroom

•  Although we stock annual granary in this room, we have to place it in the south-west corner.

•  For daily use grains, they should be stored in the north-west direction

•  There should not be any water provision in this room.

•  Edibles like Ghee, Oil etc should be stored in Southeast corner

•  No empty container to be stored in this room

•  No members of the family should sleep in this room as many vibrations will disturb the sleep.

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Vastu tips for Car Garage

Every one of us has a concern about one thing in life – “car parking” where to park and how to park. We must always pay attention to the expensive vehicle we purchase and have to see to it that the vehicle has to be safe and have a long life. We dream of a good car so that it takes us wherever we want to travel whenever we want. In other words in a luxurious way!

Many times when people buy a new vehicle and within a few days, we hear some mishaps happening to them. Some of the common ones are:

1.            Continues rounds to the service centre for repair

2.            Meeting with accidents causing damage to vehicle and owner

3.            The vehicle lost or theft – taking rounds to the police station

4.            Quarrels with neighbour

5.            Damages due to wrong parking etc.

6.            Rodents nuisance


As per Vastu Shastra, there are locations in a house where the vehicle should be parked. If the Vastu compliant is not in order, all sorts of troubles will invade us. We have to park the vehicles in the appropriate place so that we get advantages such as:

1.  Safe travel

2.  A vehicle that stays with us for a long time

3.  Low maintenance costs

4.  Earn name and fame

5.  Attract wealth


Here we provide you with a few Do’s and Don’t’s  for car parking


1.  Always construct the car garage in the North West direction

2.  Car or vehicle should be parked facing North or East

3.  Provide plenty of space to walk around the garage

4.  The floor should slope towards North or East

5.  The roof should always slope from South to North or from West to East

6.  Entrance is always best with North or East

7.  The Garage entrance door should be less than that of the main gate of the house

8.  Colour preferably with white or yellow or any light colour shades.



1.  A car should never be parked facing West or South.

2.  The northeast direction is not ideal for parking car or constructing a garage.

3.  If the garage is constructed in South West, then the vehicle will meet with more repair work and less of travel.

4.  Garage wall should not be touching the compound wall or the wall of the house

5.  Garage at Northeast is a completely “NO”

6.  Never keep trash in a garage

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It is very important to have the kitchen as per Vastu because the kitchen is the place where food is prepared i.e. the source of our day to day energy. If you have a Vastu Non-Compliant kitchen, it will lead to Health loss, financial loss and family disputes too. Here are some very important Vastu tips for the kitchen:



Today we tell you a simple trick which could give your professional life a push in the right direction.


Kitchen Vastu, Vastu tips for kitchen, Vastu Tips

  1. The Lord of Fire (Agneya Disha or direction of Fire) exists in the Southeast corner thus place the gas stove in Southeast corner.
  2. The person who prepares the meal should face east while cooking. Doing so increases the taste of the food and provides better health to the family.
  3. Kitchen in the Northeast corner is a BIG NO! If you place the kitchen in the Northeast direction, it will bring lots of disturbance and also destroy the peace of mind.
  4. Do not place the fridge in North East direction. The ideal place for the refrigerator is in Southeast, west, north or South direction.
  5. Sinks and Taps should be placed in the Northeast direction and keep it away from the cooking gas/ stove.
  6. Do not have kitchen under or above any toilet.
  7. Never place kitchen in the North direction as this is the direction of Lord Kuber (The God of Wealth), as this will increase the expenditure of the family beyond control.
  8. Put all the grains, pulses, spices, etc. in the West or South direction. It is recommended to avoid North and east side walls for these items.
  9. Make sure you clean your kitchen daily at night before sleeping.
  10. Drinking water, RO, earthen pot or any filter should be placed in the northeast side.
  11. Avoid black color in the kitchen. Use vibrant colors like yellow, rose, orange or brown.




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Every organization strives to excel in its chosen business be it manufacturing, software, retail, or service and work hard to expand its operations multifold. Vastu is very much important for growth, benefit, and permanence of a business. The location of the office or unit and the surrounding areas and environment has a huge impact on Vastu because once the construction is done, it will be very difficult to alter. Hence, it is advised to seek solution and guidance from a Vastu expert before venturing into establishing the business on the location and environment.  Vastu inspection is a must for existing office as well as for new office because there should be positivity, productivity, and harmony at work.

       We give you a few tips as per Vastu for Business:

  • According to Vastu Shastra for business, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction and the main entrance have to be kept free of any obstacles like a trash bin, cleaning equipment, vehicles, toys, etc.
  • The success and prosperity of the business is greatly influenced by the position of your desks and its favorable direction. The best direction is to face the East or North-East.
  • Avoid having mirrors in the washroom or toilets as it will attract the negative energy
  • Furniture has to be of wooden material. Sharp edges of walls and furniture will create health issues and reduce productivity. Avoid iron furniture.
  • To create a positive working environment, have a source of flowing water like a fountain, or any other decorative like fountain or river will help enormously to create the positive vibes.
  • Seating arrangement and direction have to be carefully designed. Incorrect directions may bring clashes and can cause havoc to the company’s profits.
  • According to Vastu Shastra for business, owners should sit facing the north, east or north-east direction as it is considered auspicious and for financial growth. The furniture should be made of high quality.
  • Meeting room/Conference room is necessary for all offices. The meeting or conference room should be placed in the north-west direction.
  • The marketing and sales professionals should sit in the north-west direction so that they will be more proactive at work.
  • Vastu for business helps to enable positivity towards making your business blossom and reach great heights.
  • The basic infrastructure like land, availability of raw materials, resources, power are the few important things to be kept in mind by the prospective owners who want to establish new viable projects and earn good profits for the company’s growth.
  • Always take Vastu expert advice to the site visit and conduct the necessary analysis of the environment before venturing into a new business.
  • In case the Vastu principles are not followed correctly, individuals would face multiple problems like business loss, legal disputes, labor issues, etc.
  • Always keep desks clutter-free. Papers and files have to be kept neatly in cupboards. Remove old and unwanted stationery items away from the office.
  • The cash box should be placed in the north-east direction to improve finances and attract prosperity.
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Vastu for Mirrors is considered as a powerful tool in Vastu Shastra. In Vastu for a mirror, mirrors are known for reflecting positive energy by clearing negative energy. Therefore, placing a mirror in your home has the capability of attracting positive vibes, doubling up the prosperity and clearing the negativity.

In order to follow up the rules and regulations of placing the mirror according to Vastu for a mirror, you must follow these tips.

  • Always ensure the mirror has been placed at a height of 4 to 5 feet above the ground.
  • Square and rectangular shaped mirrors are good. As per Vastu Irregular shaped mirrors are not good.
  • Always place your mirror on the north-east walls as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Never hang a mirror, faced towards the main gate or entrance door as it will send out positive energy and attract negative energy. Always follow the rules for Vastu to attract happiness, energy and wealth.
  • One must use a framed mirror never use unframed or cracked glass mirror it can cause you with the negative effect.
  • You can place a mirror facing the dining table as it indicates a doubling of food and attracts wealth.
  • Never get reflected in the mirror while you are asleep. According to Vastu getting reflected in the mirror while asleep will lead you to disturbed sleep.
  • By placing two mirrors opposite to each other will cause you with impatience and increases restless atmosphere at home, so never place two mirrors opposite to each other.
  • Never place a mirror in the dark it’s against Vastu Shastra.
  • According to mirror Vastu, rules placing a mirror opposite to cash, corners will bring more wealth to your home.
  • Do not place a mirror in the study room this can distract the concentration from studying.
  • To eliminate Vastu defect if, in case of having cut in the corner of the house or having a wall in the centre, you must place two mirrors on the opposite side, touching the floor.
  • Always hang the mirror at your home flat against the wall never hang the mirror leaning forward.
  • Even the narrow spaces which are considered as Vastu defect can be corrected by placing a mirror near them.
  • Mirrors should never be placed on north-east according to Vastu Shastra; mirrors reflect away the positive energy by entering the premises.
  • It’s better not to have a mirror-tiled kitchen which reflects the flames. As per Vastu mirror indicates water. Fire and water never get along. So it’s good to keep mirrors out of the kitchen.


A mirror can attract all the positive energy to your home if it is placed in a proper place.

As per Vastu Shastra, mirrors are important as they reflect energy in the form of lights. Even though a mirror is a tiny object, this can affect your home surroundings with positive and negative energy.

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