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Vastu Tips for the Guest Room - Guest Room - Vastudekho

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From ancient times, our ancestors have always welcomed and respected the guests. According to Vedas, we term our guests as “Atithi Devo bhava” i.e, treating guests at par with God. We welcome our guests with great warmth and they become a part of our family.

A guest room is meant to be the room where guests stay just like other rooms and hence this guest room should be built according to Vastu principles.


Here are a few Vastu rules for the Guest Room:


•         The guest room has to be built in the Northwest direction of the house. This is the most ideal place for the guests to stay.

•         The guest room can also be constructed in the south direction, but have to be consulted with an expert before construction.

•         Place the bed in the Southwest part of the room

•         Place all electronic items like TVs, Music system etc towards Southeast corner of the room

•         File cabinet or Almirah can be kept at the South or West wall of the room

•         The guest room built at the south-east corner is good. No major trouble with this direction.

•         There are few guidelines for Guest room doors.

  1.   North East door facing East direction
  2.   North East door facing North direction
  3.   South East door facing South direction
  4.   North West door facing the West direction



•         The guest room should not be built in the South-West direction. This Southwest direction is where a master bedroom has to be built for the Head of the family and not for a guest room.

•         Avoid the guest room construction in the Northeast direction. In case, if so, then you will have to provide a window in North East corner facing north direction or west direction.

•         The door of the bathroom should not be placed directly opposite to bed in this room.

•         Make should that no beam should be running over the bed in this room. It brings a lot of miseries.


posted Aug 10, 2019 by Team Vastu

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Vastu for Store Room


We store many heavy items in one particular room called a Store Room. This is the place we keep all junk things or annual stock granary. There are Vastu rules for a storeroom too.


The storeroom should be in the Northwest part of the house. We do store grains and pulses in large bags in this room. It is advised as per Vastu to store heavier things in one particular place of the house called a storeroom.



We provide here some Vastu tips:


•  Northwest part is the best place to construct the storeroom. It is considered beneficial in terms of providing good grains supply.

•  The door in this room should not be in Southwest direction. Other directions are fine.

•  The storeroom should have maximum height than that of other rooms. The windows should be towards East or West sides.

•  Vastu colour for this room can be of white, yellow or light blue

•  A picture of Lord Vishnu should be placed on the eastern wall of the storeroom

•  Although we stock annual granary in this room, we have to place it in the south-west corner.

•  For daily use grains, they should be stored in the north-west direction

•  There should not be any water provision in this room.

•  Edibles like Ghee, Oil etc should be stored in Southeast corner

•  No empty container to be stored in this room

•  No members of the family should sleep in this room as many vibrations will disturb the sleep.

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