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Office in factory

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My office in factory at north east corner is it okay or need any modification

posted Mar 31, 2016 by anonymous

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I am prop/MD/owner if i have office in north east is there any problem or any negetive effect as per vastu?
As mentioned in the answer, MD/owner should preferably have office in the SW direction. NE direction is more suitable for reception or open area. Many people have observed that those of sit in the NE direction are constantly moving out office.
Vastu recommends that SW area should be more heavy and NE area should be lighter and open. More suitable to have temple/reception/visitor meeting room.

3 Answers

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Reception should be preferably located in the Northeastern part of the office.
Executives, managers and directors or owners should preferably be having office in the Southwest areas of the office according to Vastu. Eastern and northern zones should be reserved for the middle level management and employees. Field staff should be located in the Northwest.
Vastu recommend that the staff work facing the North or the East directions.
Vastu recommends that the accounts department be located in the Southeastern portion. owner or MD should have a rectangular table.
Marketing department should be in the Northwest of the office.
Try to avoid seating any employees under the beams. If this is unavoidable, cover the beams with a false ceiling.
If the office has a temple, it should be placed in the Northeast portion of the office.

answer Mar 31, 2016 by Sukumar
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For factory Vastu, one must also consider the plot type where the factory is located, direction, surroundings, how other machinery, canteen, water location etc are located there.

answer Mar 31, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar
My factory is under costruction and it is east facinng also it only open at east so i want office at front side of factry also contructing a small temple at east
Can you please draw a simple plan and upload? It will help in Analysis.
I think upload is not possible.
Plot size 51*26
26 ft at east facing front side
26 ft at west facing back side
West other property
North othet property
South other proprty
East road
As per plan bastment + 4 floor.
Office 12 *22 north east(toilet cum bathroom attached in office at north west of office and a small temprary pantry in office at southwest corner of office,6*6ft tample at east,staircase cum entry at southeast of 7*13
Rest area back side office nd stair will use for garment cuting and storage.
Entry to your office could be from NE side, small pantry can go in the SE side and your desk can come in SW side. Temple can be in the NE corner or east is also fine.
Can septic tank placed in east or south east understairs
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Some vaasthu defect noticed in your factory.

The ground energy and vaasthu energy level is low.

Try to correct it. The correction can be done without any modification

further details pl contact:



vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant


answer Oct 8, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Please help me with the layout of Vastu for factory.. Where to keep the machinery, electric junction, office with toilet in factory, toilet/washroom for labours, etc etc..

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Area of the plot 122 x 500 feet... east facing...
80 x 40 will be admin block
80 x 360 will be factory block.
Admin block g +
factory block roof truss
Required canteen toilets dining in the back side of the factory.
Plz suggest the best plan
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