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How to get maximum benefit during Shravan Month | Vastu Tips for Shravan Month | Vastu Dekho

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Origin and significance:

As per the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan is considered very sacred. One has to chant and pray to Lord Shiva to get his glorious energy to purify mind, body and soul.

According to the Vedic text, the story of “Samudra Manthan” took place during the month of Shravan in which Lord Shiva consumed poison from the churning of the ocean to save mankind from deadly curses and other unbearable pangs of life. Thus by worshipping Lord Shiva, it is said that human being will be able to overcome their miseries. 


To get maximum benefits during Shravan month, we provide a few Vastu tips:

   1. Energize the East direction

We should energize the East corner of the house by keeping any water symbol like the fountain to get good luck. Freshwater flowing in the east will bring good luck and enable a person to become active and participate to make good decisions to achieve his or her goals in life easily.

2. Worship Tulsi plant

This is the ideal month to nurture and grow the Tulsi plant in the North corner of our home for bringing happiness and blessings.  Worshipping Tulsi plant by unmarried girls during Shravan month will be blessed with a good husband.


3. Wear Rudraksha:

During the month of Shravan, one should wear a Rudraksha mala which is considered very auspicious. This will protect against planetary ill-effects in one’s birth chart. Not only that doing Japa or chanting mantra with Rudraksha mala will give immense peace and harmony.


4. Pooja rituals:

It is believed that by doing Pooja rituals and fasting during Shravan month will eliminate all bad karmic debts. It will also help one to improve and stabilize the spiritual life. By offering cold milk, water and ‘bilva patra’ leaves (i.e 3 leaves that signify Trinity Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev) along with curd and honey to Shiv Linga on every Mondays will benefit with peace and prosperity.

posted Jul 18, 2019 by Team Vastu

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Shravan Month – A month of auspicious events and happenings. Shravan is also known as Savan, is a Holy month of the year. The month of Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar starting from Chaitra. As per Vastu principles, let’s talk about five things you should consider to gain maximum benefits of this auspicious time. When is Shravan in 2018- Shravan Month for North state of India (like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar) is from Saturday, 28th July and ends on Sunday, 26th August 2018. And Shravan month for Southern and Western states of India (like Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) is from Sunday, 12 August and ends on 9th September 208. Why is this known as Shravan? On Full moon day or Purnima, or during this entire month Star ‘Shravan’ rules the sky and hence known as Shravan month. Shravan is also dedicated to Lord Shiva so worshiping Lord Shiva in this month is considered to be very auspicious. 1. East direction is also known as Purva Disha in Hindi. East is the direction of prosperity, victory and power. This is a very powerful direction as the planet of this direction is the Sun (Surya). Activate East corner of your home by placing small or mini water body like water fountain for good luck. It is very auspicious if you can place a statue or idol of Ardhanarishwara. Make sure the idol is made of a single piece of white marble for better results. It brings huge positive results in your relationships. 2. North Direction- After East, North is the second most auspicious direction. The planet of this direction is Mercury (Budha). Grow a small Tulsi or Basil plant in the North corner of your home. This will bring more prosperity and luck to your home. If there is an unmarried girl in the house, then planting Tulsi in North is also helpful to get a good husband. 3. The Element of Shiva- Rudraksh It is very auspicious if you can wear a Rudraksh during this Shravan month. Rudraksh works as a shield and protects you from any bad effects of the planet, if present in your chart. Wearing Rudraksh also brings you peace and harmony. 4. Use of Dhatura Flower Shiva loves Dhatura flower. Use of dhatura flower in prayers brings lots of peace and calmness. It also overcomes fears from your life. 5. Keeping Fasts and Rituals Keeping fasts and performing all rituals during this time brings great results. It removes all your bad karmic debts and helps you to grow towards the path of spirituality. Source Credits- and Times of India
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