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Any vaastu tips for avoiding negative energy at main door entrance of the house?

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posted Jul 16, 2019 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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  1. The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house
  2. The main door should have a threshold as it makes sure that you avoid loss of any wealth
  3. Use very good quality of wood for the main entrance
  4. An attractive nameplate on the entrance of the house will invite prosperity, wealth and happiness
  5. An automated main door is not at all good
  6. Auspicious symbols such as an image of Goddess Lakshmi or Swastika symbol decorated on the main door will invite prosperity and wellbeing
  7. The main door should be attractive, solid and heavy.
answer Jul 17, 2019 by Team Vastu
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Make your Main Door in right direction according to your house facing and then go for some tips to enhance positive energy at home.

This should benefit you for sure.


answer Jul 1, 2020 by Robin Goswami