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Vastu and 7 Chakras in our Body I Vastu Dekho

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Vastu and 7 Chakras in our Body


Human beings are surrounded by positive and negative energies around them. For a simple and content living, we follow Vastu principles to attract positive energy and follow all favourable directions for our benefit. There are 7 (seven) chakras in a human body and opening of these 7 chakras will allow a healthy flow of positive energy to stay fit, balanced, good health and think positive.


In Vastu Shastra, the chakras are identified as energy transformers and it is like the spinning wheels of energy that perform many functions in tune with cosmic energy.



Here we detail the 7 chakras of the human body and its influence:


1.   Muladhara Chakra :

This is the root chakra and is the first chakra in the human body. Muladhara chakra is the most important chakra, as this is for health and overall development and wellbeing. Actions and memories of one’s past life are stored in this chakra.


2.   Swadishthana Chakra:

This is a sacral chakra and this chakra is the abdominal chakra in the human body. This is the place of human consciousness and known to be the second phase of human growth. This is the second chakra in the human body.


3.  Manipura Chakra:

This chakra is known as navel chakra of the human body. Manipura means “pearls of wisdom”. This depicts the self-confidence and self-assurance, clarity, happiness etc. This is the third chakra in the human body.


4.   Anahata Chakra:

Anahata Chakra is called the heart chakra in the human body. This chakra is stated for unconditional love and known to have healing power. This is the fourth chakra.


5.   Vishuddha Chakra:

Vishuddha chakra is known as the throat chakra. Vishuddhi means purification in Sanskrit. It represents the purification of the mind and the human body. This is the fifth chakra.


6.   Ajna Chakra:

Ajna chakra is known as the third eye chakra or the brow chakra. This is the inner eye chakra because it helps to see and experience reality and knowledge. This is called the sixth chakra.


7.   Sahasrara Chakra:

Sahasara is known as the crown chakra; it represents wisdom and spiritual union with the divine. This is known as the seventh chakra.



posted Jul 6, 2019 by Team Vastu

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We construct and a house and identify each and every direction according to the Vastu Shastra for benefitting positive and balanced energies to be kept intact. Similarly, we also require balancing different source of elements that we bring to our home in the form of Antiques and Decorative pieces.


We are attracted to decorative items such as glass objects, bronze metals, brass items, or even electronic items. Decorative pieces like glass, metals etc have corresponding cosmic energy and hence it is important to place them in a suitable direction.



We give you a few Vastu tips for placing the antique or decorative items:


1.  Always place the antique decorative metal pieces in the Southern or Western Wall of the house

2.  Heavy wooden objects such as decorated almirah, wall cabinet a wooden trunk must be kept in South-east or North-west direction

3.  Designer Pots or decorative pictures of God Idols should not be fixed on walls as it is considered inauspicious. Images of God have to be kept on a Western wall facing east or on Southern wall facing north.

4.  Any water element decorative items, like a mini fountain, aquarium or any decorative items with water must be kept in North East or North. It is considered a good flow of wealth, according to Vastu Shastra.

5.  Electronic items like video games or lights represent fire elements and should be kept in the Southeast direction only

6.  Glass antiques, big clocks with glass case should be placed in Northern or Eastern wall only.

7.  On the West direction, you can place a village scene painting, as this will increase wealth and gains.

8.  On the South-west direction, you can place the family photographs and ensure the frames are made of yellow paint. This will improve relationships among members.

9.   A tortoise decorative piece which is placed in the centre facing North direction is good as this represents stability and strength.

10.  Placing a money plant in a decorative mud pot (pot to be in blue colour) in the North zone will increase money flow.

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We human beings always wish to have good, robust health and desire to lead a happy and healthy life.  Although we possess material comfort, yet the concept of good health always strikes our minds to live in a peaceful ambience at home.  We get really worried or tensed if any one of our family members falls ill or old age parents fall ill often, this upsets us and we also will not be able to perform our work at the office or concentrate on business as well.



We bring you tips of Vastu Shastra for health and wealth which will help to lead a healthy and disease-free life and experience a good cash flow at home.


  1. Light up a red bulb in the south-east corner at home. The red bulb in the south-west direction reduces the obstacles relating to cash-flow.
  2. Always ensure to build a Pooja room or a Prayer room in the north-east direction of the home.
  3. The main door or the entrance door of the house should not make any creaky noise while opening or closing the door.
  4. The main door entrance has to be clutter-free. Leaving footwear around the main door of the house will block the flow of positive energy.
  5. Never hang a picture of violence or war inside your home. Instead, place a picture of a fountain or a river on the north or east wall. This will bring harmony.
  6. In case you have five corners ceiling at home then place a Vastu pyramid to ward off negativity.
  7. The toilet seat has to be facing from north to south. Keep the door of the toilet always locked.
  8. Drinking water has to be kept facing east or north-east as this will bring very good results.
  9. The centre place of the house has to be kept free so that the positive energy will flow freely. This is one of the important tips in Vastu Shastra for good health and wealth to the family members.
  10. It is advisable to sleep in pointing head towards South, East or West. Avoid North at any cost, as this is not good for health and life gets miserable.
  11. Keep cash chest in the north direction to attract cash flow.
  12. As per Vastu Shastra, the wall clock in your house should always be in a working condition. Vastu Shastra suggests that placing a clock in the north or northeast direction will attract wealth and prosperity. Clocks, in fact, energize a direction.
  13. Keep a Basil (Tulsi) plant in front of the house or even inside the house. Tulsi plant has potential to purify the air around us. Avoid plants like cactus or bonsai or any other milky plant. They might add up to illness and stress.
  14.  As per Vastu Shastra for good health, you should avoid a bed with storage space. This will lead to brain and heart-related ailments.
  15. According to the Vastu Shastra for health, one should never design a kitchen in the northeast direction. This will bring a lot of health issues and problems. Southeast direction is the best for the kitchen.  
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