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Vastu for good Health and Wealth I Vastu for Prosperity I Vastu Dekho

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We human beings always wish to have good, robust health and desire to lead a happy and healthy life.  Although we possess material comfort, yet the concept of good health always strikes our minds to live in a peaceful ambience at home.  We get really worried or tensed if any one of our family members falls ill or old age parents fall ill often, this upsets us and we also will not be able to perform our work at the office or concentrate on business as well.



We bring you tips of Vastu Shastra for health and wealth which will help to lead a healthy and disease-free life and experience a good cash flow at home.


  1. Light up a red bulb in the south-east corner at home. The red bulb in the south-west direction reduces the obstacles relating to cash-flow.
  2. Always ensure to build a Pooja room or a Prayer room in the north-east direction of the home.
  3. The main door or the entrance door of the house should not make any creaky noise while opening or closing the door.
  4. The main door entrance has to be clutter-free. Leaving footwear around the main door of the house will block the flow of positive energy.
  5. Never hang a picture of violence or war inside your home. Instead, place a picture of a fountain or a river on the north or east wall. This will bring harmony.
  6. In case you have five corners ceiling at home then place a Vastu pyramid to ward off negativity.
  7. The toilet seat has to be facing from north to south. Keep the door of the toilet always locked.
  8. Drinking water has to be kept facing east or north-east as this will bring very good results.
  9. The centre place of the house has to be kept free so that the positive energy will flow freely. This is one of the important tips in Vastu Shastra for good health and wealth to the family members.
  10. It is advisable to sleep in pointing head towards South, East or West. Avoid North at any cost, as this is not good for health and life gets miserable.
  11. Keep cash chest in the north direction to attract cash flow.
  12. As per Vastu Shastra, the wall clock in your house should always be in a working condition. Vastu Shastra suggests that placing a clock in the north or northeast direction will attract wealth and prosperity. Clocks, in fact, energize a direction.
  13. Keep a Basil (Tulsi) plant in front of the house or even inside the house. Tulsi plant has potential to purify the air around us. Avoid plants like cactus or bonsai or any other milky plant. They might add up to illness and stress.
  14.  As per Vastu Shastra for good health, you should avoid a bed with storage space. This will lead to brain and heart-related ailments.
  15. According to the Vastu Shastra for health, one should never design a kitchen in the northeast direction. This will bring a lot of health issues and problems. Southeast direction is the best for the kitchen.  
posted May 22, 2019 by Pt. Munindra Dubey

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Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra advocates Frog as a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity. The money frog has other names such as fortune frog, wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, three-legged prosperity toad, and many others. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra attach great importance to money frog and contain several prescriptions on how to make the best use of them at homes.  An idol of a frog having three legs with a coin in its mouth should also be placed in such a way that it may seem to be entering the house with wealth.

  • Place the money frog near the entrance of your house and it should be facing inside. It is important to place the money frog rightly so that you receive the desired benefits of attracting wealth instead of losing it further.
  • Do not place any Money Frog in your bedroom, toilets or kitchen because it can bring a bit of bad luck.
  • A frog measuring 3 inches long and 3inches wide is generally enough. It can b kept hidden also. It comes with several size and colours. You should not gift any money frog it would mean that you are gifting a part of your good luck. The direction and sequence of money frog should not be changed over and over. It would affect the stability of the income in the house.
  • After placing at the right spot, you must activate the toad by tying a red ribbon around it and only then it can start working. Generally, the money frog will come with a coin in its mouth. If not, then you have to buy a coin separately and place it in the frog’s mouth.
  • Placing money frog in the South-east direction of the living room is Favourable for businessman.
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Vastu tips to place Ganesh Idol

As everyone is aware that Lord Ganesh is also known as the Lord of prosperity, good luck, wealth and success, wisdom and intelligence. He is also known as Remover of obstacles.

We bring you useful Vastu tips in placing the Ganesh Idol in the right place.

Vastu Ganesh Idol :

Ganesha idol facing towards left is known as Vastu Ganesha which solves most of our Vastu related problems.


Drishti Ganesh:

Drishti Ganesh Idol can be placed in many ways at home or office space. The Idol has to be placed just opposite to the entrance of the house. It's much better to place the Ganesh idols in pair facing different sides.

Never keep a picture facing another room with its backside.

White Ganesh Idol with trunk to left direction is the best because that with right facing trunk needs more care, attention to keep it in your home. Ganesh idol with the trunk facing right is found in temples only.


Best Direction to place Ganesh Idol:

East or West directions of the house are suitable directions to place Ganesh Idol. Northeast of the house is the best location to place Ganesh idol. If a northeast corner is not available then the idol may be placed either facing north or east while offering prayers.


South direction is strict “No”

Never place a Ganesh Idol in the south direction. Idol should never be near the toilet/washrooms or across a wall that is attached to the bathroom.


Never place the idol in Bedroom

Never place the idols in bedrooms because as per Vastu your feet should not face the idol.


Different types of idol

Ganesh idol can be made up of mango, peepal, neem trees and this is known to attract good luck and positive energy. Idols made of cow dung is the best to eradicate all sorrow and attract positive energies.

Crystal idols are known to remove all Vastu doshas and there will be the change in one’s life Turmeric idols is highly auspicious.



Place a small bowl of rice in front of Ganesh idol which is a great offering to God. Always place the Ganesh idol on a raised platform

We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.