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Vastu For Home Design|Vastu Benefits For Home Design| VASTU DEKHO

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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science containing principles and practices for constructing houses or buildings with harmonious balance.

As per Vastu, the world consists of five basic elements, also known as the “Pancha Bhootas” – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. “Earth” has life because of the existence of all these five elements.

In any home, miseries and sufferings will automatically vanish, if these five elements are correctly positioned in the right directions.


Vastu Shastra tips for Vastu for home design are:

  • The ideal direction of the altar should be located in a northeast direction.
  •  As per Vastu Shastra, living room should be towards the north direction.
  • One must always build the balcony towards north or east. balcony located in south is not recommended 
  • Always a bathroom should be located in east. Next, best location for the bathroom is north.
  • One must plan master bedroom towards the south or south-west corner of the house. Avoid sleeping with feet facing towards south it’s against Vastu
  • The cupboard with cash and valuable items should be placed towards the north. 
  • According to Vastu Shastra, dining room should be located in the west.
  • One must have even number of doors to the house.
  • Agni is the Vedic god of fire resides in south-east. Therefore, Vastu recommends the kitchen to be located in the south-east corner.
  • Never let your main entrance face towards intersections of roads (i.e., “Y” road) or a dead end road.
  • As per Vastu guidelines, even number of pillars attracts harmony in the house.
  • As per Vastu, a house should have an odd number of rooms.
  • Staircase of the house should be located at south or west. Never build your staircase towards north-east part of the house.
  • Always Plan to construct the toilet towards south and south-west side of the house.
  • Vastu Shastra warns that a house should not have a total number of 3, 6 or 11 windows.
  • The preferable colours for bedroom according to Vastu are light yellow, grey, white, light blue, chocolate etc.
  • The study room should be located towards northeast or northwest direction. Design the study room in such a way that it should attract peace, focus and natural light.
  • As per Vastu, Pooja room should be located towards northeast corner of the house.



Vastu Shastra is the only science which explains the way to maintain the best equilibrium of “Pancha Bhootas” in a house, building or a structure and make the best use of them. This maximizes psychological and physical energies of inhabitants to the highest possible degree.

posted May 8 by Vasudha Nagarajappa

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Vastu for home

In our daily life, we experience stress, competition, and tensions irrespective of any age and gender. By the end of the day, all of us are left with less energy or exhausted. We definitely need to recharge and are finding ways and means to stay calm and lead a stress-free life. How do we do it?

We have grown up ourselves with human qualities like self-determination, will-power and confidence which helps us fight the challenges we face in our daily life. All these are positive energies that we possess, although, still we need to re-energize positive energy. The Vastu Shastra gives actionable items that will definitely bring positive energy into our homes.

To enjoy positive energies around you, you will have to take advantage of Vastu Shastra tips. Here are few:

  1. You must always keep your main entrance clutter-free from heavy items or footwear. Positive energy sweeps into your home from the main door and if there are materials spread around, then the energy gets blocked. This will have a negative effect instead of positive.
  2. There should not be any window or door just opposite the front door or else the energy flowing in from the main door will flow out through the opposite door immediately.
  3. You must always build your kitchen in the SouthEast direction as this is the place for “Agni” or “Fire”. If the kitchen is placed in North, North East or East then shift it to the South East direction in your home
  4. You must always keep your head towards south direction while sleeping
  5. If there is a bed beneath a beam, then it is recommended to remove it.
  6. Rooms should not consist a lot of corners. Rooms have to be in regular shape, ie, either square or rectangle.
  7. You should not construct a pooja room beneath the staircase.
  8. The doors of the bathroom and kitchen should not face each other
  9. Placing  used Black Horse’ shoe on the entrance brings luck
  10. You should avoid building washroom in North East direction or beneath the staircase, as it brings negative energy and affects the health of family members and also restricts prosperity.
  11. Always throw away unwanted materials or broken glasses and non-working clocks.
  12. Always keep fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers.
  13. Always keep a small bowl of salt in the southwest of the room. From ancient days, it is believed that salt is a symbol of purification and it was used for many rituals. Salt absorbs all the negative energy and balances the flow of energy inside the home. Keep this salt bowl in the North-East or South-West direction in your home.
  14. Decorate your home with plants and bring in greenery which will reduce stress. Plants like bamboo and money plant is a good choice.
  15. Placing a fish aquarium is also recommended. It should be placed in the hall at the Southwest corner.
  16. Music calms down tension and anger. Always hang a wind chime or bell at the entrance of your home to attract wealth.
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Pooja room is known as the most auspicious and sacred room in your home. Even though you worship, keep religious texts, idols and images of deities it is important to protect this room from negative energy.

One must build pooja room as per Vastu Shastra to attract positive energy and keep our surroundings with positivity, harmony and peace. If the pooja room is unprotected our surroundings can be influenced by negativity. In order to enhance positive energy and happiness, it’s important to follow the guidelines set by Vastu for pooja room. 

Steps to remember when you are building pooja room as per Vastu for pooja room:

•           As per Vastu for pooja room, northeast corner of the home is the best place for pooja room.

•           East and west are known for a second best place as per Vastu for pooja room.

•           Always build pooja room on the ground floor.

•           Pooja room in big plots or factories etc. should be located at the centre.

•           Always place idols at the east or west direction of the pooja room.

•           Make sure to keep idols a few inches away from the wall.

•           One must build a pooja room door with two shutters, with high-quality wood and threshold for the room is preferable.

•           Pooja room should have doors and windows in north or east walls.

•           Colours for the pooja room walls must be white, light yellow or light blue.

•           Place lamp stands in pooja room towards south-east or eastern direction.

•           If you want to place an Agnikund in the prayer room you can place it at the south-east corner of the room.

•           Dome at the top of pooja room is considered auspicious.

•           Always keep your pooja room clean and clutter free.

•           If the pooja room is located in the kitchen make sure it’s in the north-east corner of the kitchen; face east while praying.

•           Place the almirahs towards the west or south walls.

•           Always sit on the mat or carpet while praying before God.

Things you must not do as per Vastu for pooja room:

•           One must not enter the pooja room for any purpose without washing his legs and hands.

•           Never place the pooja room towards the south.

•           One must not build the pooja room in bedroom.

•           Never place your pooja room in the basement or first or above floors.

•           One must never build the pooja room beside or opposite to washroom.

•           Broken idols in pooja room are prohibited.

•           Never hang your late ancestor's photos in pooja room.

•           One must not keep a dustbin in the pooja room.

•           Do not build pooja room under stairs.

•           Idols in pooja room should never face south its againstVastu for pooja room.

•           Never keep any unwanted things in the pooja room.

•           An idol in the pooja room should not be more than 3 inches.


 Always make sure you build your pooja room as per Vastu Shastra because it helps you gain positive energy and keep your home filled with harmony and joy. So, make sure you follow all the above rules set by Vastu Shastra.

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Vastu Shastra plays a very important role in our daily life. In order to keep your home with positive energy, it is necessary to follow rules of Vastu place for photos. A painting, portraits also have Vastu effects. According to Vastu principles the ideal positioning of family pictures and display paintings has certain rules.

We can study here about maximum positive or negative effects regarding vastu place for photos, paintings or portraits.

Tips for direction and location of vastu place for photos to attract positive effects are:

  • One must always hang beautiful and bright images in your home.
  • All of us love to have their family picture displayed in their home. The best place to hang family pictures is the south-west, as this side of the wall increases bond and harmony in relationships. According to Vastu, it is advised that one must never hang their family picture in the eastern or northern corner of the house.
  • Everyone has the habit of hanging pictures of our late family members (ancestors) on the walls or in worship place. According to Vastu, this is strictly prohibited. If you want to hang a picture of your late ancestors in your home, place them on the south-facing walls.
  • The abstract painting which is a confused subject should not be displayed in your house. These paintings create confusions and stress for people living in the home.
  • Pictures of your loved ones should never be hanged towards North-East of the wall according to vastu place for photos.
  • According to vastu place for photos, paintings of fruits bring chi energy in your house. It is advised that you should hang pictures of fruits or fruit bowls in your dining room.
  • Never hang ferocious images of animals in your home it is against the rules of vast place for photos.
  • The picture which indicates anger and war tend to create disturbance and brings bad vibes. It is not recommended to hang such pictures.
  • Money painting (eg.Thanjavur painting, Goddess Lakshmi painting) is good for financial inflow and luck.
  • Never use the painting of mountains on the north wall of your house. According to vastu direction, north side wall should be with more open space. A painting of the mountain will restrict financial and career growth.
  • Do not make your house a gallery of painting. Too many artwork or paintings are also harmful.
  • Always water element pictures should be displayed on the northern side of walls while fire elements should be displayed on the southern side.
  • If you have an idea of hanging a painting of birds in your home, try to hang a picture with paired birds. As per Vastu such paintings bring harmony at home.
  • You can hang the picture of Blessing Buddha because this helps in protecting you from fear and anger.     

By hanging photos in proper direction in order to attract positive energy, one must follow vastu rules and regulations. A simple mistake can cause you with negative energy by following all this simple tips of vastu for photos will keep your surroundings with positive vibes.

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We all agree that the entire universe is made up of five basic elements- Water, air, fire, earth and space. The human body is also related to these elements. Basically, these five elements are related to our five senses of taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight.

Vastu is a cosmic science of balancing these elements are in the proper portion for harmony.

Vastu stands in Earth- Earth depends on Water -Water is balanced by Fire – Fire is controlled by Air-Air movements are possible in space.

So the aim of Vastu Shastra is to teach individuals how to live in perfect harmony by balancing these five elements.

Water Element:

It is represented by rain, river, lakes, oceans and sea. Water is the essence of life and it is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1, perfectly neutral in reaction. It linked to our senses of taste, touch, sight and hearing. However quantitatively water is one of the largest elements of nature, as more than eighty percent of our body and two-thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of water.

Vastu provides important information about the placement of water sources while constructing a house like well, boring, underground water tank, overhead water tank etc. If there is sufficient water in a residential structure, it implies a good inflow of funds as per vastu.

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Vastu Shastra, Elements of vastu

Air Element:

Air is an important element of nature. The air on earth is a mixture of various gases like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and helium etc. All living being depended on the air for life, our sense of sound, touch and feel are related to air. The Air element has a proper direction in vastu, which is located in the North-west zone.

Important there should be a continuous supply of fresh air in the house, if not it affects the kidney, lungs, and may also lead to blood disorder if the balance of air is upset. Vastu recommends proper guidelines for the placement of doors, windows, balcony, ventilators, the height of structure and placement of plants and trees, to balance the air element structure. As per vastu proper supply of fresh Air gives long life, courage to try new things and health for all the living beings to stay.

Fire Element:

Fire relates to the Sun which has most vital source of energy and light. The sun rays falling to the earth brings enthusiasm, passion and spirited strength. It is a soul of the universe.

Vastu recommends proper directions for the placement of fire sources to get positive energy in the house, the fire sources like kitchen cooktop or gas and electronic gadgets should be placed in the south-east directions of the house. There should be proper ventilation for sunlight in every house to get positive energy and it is necessary. As it is one natural source of light for human beings.

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Earth Element:

Earth is the third planet in order from the Sun. As per vastu it influences human lives by gravitational and magnetic force and it gives stability, patience in character. Human beings have natural and emotional affinity with earth, the vastu principle of placing the head towards south while sleeping is based on earth’s magnetic property. Earth is the most important element in vastu and it influences human lives in every way.

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Space Element:

Space is infinite and has no limits or boundaries. It is full of constellations, galaxies, stars, moon etc. Space element is related to Brahmasthan. It is a space central to any house is the calmest and cosmically connected place. A  Brahmasthan is the heart of the house, and it should always be left open and free of obstructing objects. In ancient times Indian homes and Indian temples used to have open space in the centre of the premises. As per vastu this is one of the best portion and this type of premises have more benefit of space element.



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