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My kitchen is in west direction and gas stove in south facing sink at sw corner, kindly provide remedy

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posted Apr 20, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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West side -kitchen location is not beneficial and the gas stove facing towards south is also not good. The cooking person should always face towards East is beneficial.

The present arrangement will not be good moreover the the person will not show interest and less productivity abd feel tired.
Don't worry it can be rectified by installing the energy materials without any alteration.
The present energy level if your -kutchen is need for improvement.
answer Apr 21, 2019 by S.rajahgopaal
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My kitchen is in west corner, entrance in South west direction facing cabinets, hob in north west direction opposite to which is my sink in South East direction. Window on the South west wall.
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My kitchen is located in South east corner , my stove is facing north, is it ok to cook facing north
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we are planning to purchase a house which is facing north-east side of road with,

1) Ground floor having Kitchen at west corner of  house, cooking facing north-west, sink in North-east  and Guest room in south corner of house

2) First floor having, Master bedroom at west corner of house and kids bedroom North east.

Are these having any vastu issues and are there any remedies 

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My kitchen is U shaped where in the entrance to my kitchen is on the west. I cannot keep the gas stove facing east as I will be backing the main entrance of my kitchen(West). Wanted to know if I can place the gas stove on the northern wall and cook facing north? The kitchen sink is on the north east. Kindly guide. Thank You

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