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The Sacred Kamadhenu Cow - put at your home as per vastu for fulfilling your all wishes | Vastu for Home | Vastu Dekho

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Kamadhenu is the divine cow, which fulfils all your wishes. This sacred cow, which lives in heaven (swargalok), appeared from Krishna Sagar (The Ocean of Milk) in the time of Samudra Manthan (The churning of the ocean of milk by the deities (suras) and demons (asuras). By Keeping the Kamadhenu idol at your home as per Vastu. Wealth and happiness will increases. We have seen kamadhenu mainly with the body of a cow and a female head containing several gods within her physical structure. 

All the parts of kamadhenu’s body have its own religious significance. The four legs of kamadhenu symbolize the four Vedas. Her horns symbolize the triune gods; Lord Brahma(at the tip). Lord Vishnu (in the middle part) and Lord Shiva(at the base) of the horn. In her eyes reside the gods Sun and Moon. It legs represent the great Himalaya. Agni, the god of fire, and Vayu, the god of wind are displayed in her shoulders. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that all the major deities exist within her physical structure.

Kamadhenu is also called as Surabhi which means “the fragrant one “ (the one with the pleasing smell). Kamadhenu is regarded by Hindus as the source of prosperity and success. To Hindus, the cow also symbolizes self-sacrificing nature, fertility and purity.

How To Use

  1.  If your life is still Slow and dull. Then you should keep kamadhenu in your Pooja room on Friday.
  2. If you feel your business expense is more than your income, place it in the southwest corner of your room on Monday.
  3. If you feel your house has more expenses as compared to your monetary gain, place it in the north corner of your house on Monday.    
  4. If there is no peace or harmony at your home, kamadhenu is the remedy for your problem.

Benefits from Kamadhenu

Holy cow is worshipped as Holy animal and it is one form of Maha Vishnu. The house of the kamadhenu should be decorated after Ganesha Pooja. Aarti should be performed in the same way as we perform aarti for Lord Vishnu. Kamadhenu fulfil all the wishes of the worshipper so also called as kalpavriksha which fulfil all the wishes.

               If worshipped along with her calf named“Nandini is very auspicious”, one who performs this Pooja is adored by the blessings of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

  1. Kamadhenu fulfils all your desires.
  2. Kamadhenu is considered favourable for achieving success in business.
  3. Kamadhenu can be used for prosperity and wealth.
  4. Kamadhenu brings peace in your home.
  5. Kamadhenu gives spiritual and materialistic success.

Kamadhenu removes the problem from each and every sphere of life.

posted Feb 27, 2019 by Team Vastu

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Vastu for home

In our daily life, we experience stress, competition, and tensions irrespective of any age and gender. By the end of the day, all of us are left with less energy or exhausted. We definitely need to recharge and are finding ways and means to stay calm and lead a stress-free life. How do we do it?

We have grown up ourselves with human qualities like self-determination, will-power and confidence which helps us fight the challenges we face in our daily life. All these are positive energies that we possess, although, still we need to re-energize positive energy. The Vastu Shastra gives actionable items that will definitely bring positive energy into our homes.

To enjoy positive energies around you, you will have to take advantage of Vastu Shastra tips. Here are few:

  1. You must always keep your main entrance clutter-free from heavy items or footwear. Positive energy sweeps into your home from the main door and if there are materials spread around, then the energy gets blocked. This will have a negative effect instead of positive.
  2. There should not be any window or door just opposite the front door or else the energy flowing in from the main door will flow out through the opposite door immediately.
  3. You must always build your kitchen in the SouthEast direction as this is the place for “Agni” or “Fire”. If the kitchen is placed in North, North East or East then shift it to the South East direction in your home
  4. You must always keep your head towards south direction while sleeping
  5. If there is a bed beneath a beam, then it is recommended to remove it.
  6. Rooms should not consist a lot of corners. Rooms have to be in regular shape, ie, either square or rectangle.
  7. You should not construct a pooja room beneath the staircase.
  8. The doors of the bathroom and kitchen should not face each other
  9. Placing  used Black Horse’ shoe on the entrance brings luck
  10. You should avoid building washroom in North East direction or beneath the staircase, as it brings negative energy and affects the health of family members and also restricts prosperity.
  11. Always throw away unwanted materials or broken glasses and non-working clocks.
  12. Always keep fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers.
  13. Always keep a small bowl of salt in the southwest of the room. From ancient days, it is believed that salt is a symbol of purification and it was used for many rituals. Salt absorbs all the negative energy and balances the flow of energy inside the home. Keep this salt bowl in the North-East or South-West direction in your home.
  14. Decorate your home with plants and bring in greenery which will reduce stress. Plants like bamboo and money plant is a good choice.
  15. Placing a fish aquarium is also recommended. It should be placed in the hall at the Southwest corner.
  16. Music calms down tension and anger. Always hang a wind chime or bell at the entrance of your home to attract wealth.
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Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra advocates Frog as a powerful tool to attract wealth and prosperity. The money frog has other names such as fortune frog, wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, three-legged prosperity toad, and many others. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra attach great importance to money frog and contain several prescriptions on how to make the best use of them at homes.  An idol of a frog having three legs with a coin in its mouth should also be placed in such a way that it may seem to be entering the house with wealth.

  • Place the money frog near the entrance of your house and it should be facing inside. It is important to place the money frog rightly so that you receive the desired benefits of attracting wealth instead of losing it further.
  • Do not place any Money Frog in your bedroom, toilets or kitchen because it can bring a bit of bad luck.
  • A frog measuring 3 inches long and 3inches wide is generally enough. It can b kept hidden also. It comes with several size and colours. You should not gift any money frog it would mean that you are gifting a part of your good luck. The direction and sequence of money frog should not be changed over and over. It would affect the stability of the income in the house.
  • After placing at the right spot, you must activate the toad by tying a red ribbon around it and only then it can start working. Generally, the money frog will come with a coin in its mouth. If not, then you have to buy a coin separately and place it in the frog’s mouth.
  • Placing money frog in the South-east direction of the living room is Favourable for businessman.
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Most of the times we see that there are all the Luxuries yet Constant Sufferings are there in our life. Let's See 9 Strong Indicators of Sufferings caused due to Pitra Dosha and how to  get rid of all your problems by performing Shradh and Tarpan.

What is Shradh and Pitra Paksha?

Shraddh, Shradh, Shraadh, Pitru Paksha, Pind Daan, Importance of Shradh, Why to perform Shradh, When is Pitru Paksha, Pitra Dosha

Pitru Paksha falls once in a year and it is important to pay homage to our ancestors during this period.

However, these days people don’t believe in the Shradh or Pitru Paksha. But, Pitru Paksha doesn’t depend on your belief. It is purely dependant on the belief system of your ancestors. Thus, we must perform ‘Shradh’ or ‘Tarpan’ during this period

As per Hindu Scriptures, if by chance a person is unable to perform Shradh for his ancestors then he suffers from ‘Pitra Dosha’

And as a result, suffers from many problems in life

5 Latest Guidelines on Where to place Images or pictures of ancestors according to Vastu Shastra?

#Shradh #death rituals  #AboutLifeand death #DeathRituals, #ShradhPujaVidhi #PitruPaksha #Shradh #Shraadh #PitraDosha #WhenIs Shradh2018 #PitruPaksha2018Dates #VedicScriptures #AuspiciousDays #ShradhVidhi #HowToPerformShradh #WhatIsPindDaan #PitruPakshaDates2018

  1. Do not place pictures of ancestors in Puja temple. It creates imbalanced energies which are not favorable to the family.
  2. The best location to place pictures of ancestors is the South West Corner or the South wall
    #Shradh #death rituals  #AboutLifeand death #DeathRituals, #ShradhPujaVidhi #PitruPaksha #Shradh #Shraadh #PitraDosha #WhenIs Shradh2018 #PitruPaksha2018Dates #VedicScriptures #AuspiciousDays #ShradhVidhi #HowToPerformShradh #WhatIsPindDaan #PitruPakshaDates2018

  3. If South West corner or the South wall is not available then placement can be done on the West wall.
  4. Make sure to place pictures of ancestors in such a way that it is not facing the Main Door or Entrance.
    It is not auspicious.

While doing tilak, use your Index Finger always.
Reason- As per Hindu Scriptures Index finger represents ancestors while Ring Finger represents God and Goddess


#Shradh #death rituals  #AboutLifeand death #DeathRituals, #ShradhPujaVidhi #PitruPaksha #Shradh #Shraadh #PitraDosha #WhenIs Shradh2018 #PitruPaksha2018Dates #VedicScriptures #AuspiciousDays #ShradhVidhi #HowToPerformShradh #WhatIsPindDaan #PitruPakshaDates2018

When is Pitru Paksha in 2018?

  • Pitru Paksha is a period of 16 lunar days that starts from Purnima of Bhadra Month to the Amavasya of Ashwin Krishna Paksha.
  • During this period, we pay homage and offerings to our ancestors, which is known as ‘Shradh’ or Tarpan.
  • In 2018, Pitru Paksha begins from 24th September and Ends on 8th October.

  • ‘Pitra’ also known as ‘Pitru’ and this term used for our forefathers or ancestors who are now in ‘pitra yoni’ after death
  •  ‘Dosha’ means any mistake happened while performing a task.

Thus if there is any mistake while performing ‘Shradh’ or ‘Tarpan’, it turns into ‘Pitra Dosha’
As a result, brings sufferings and miseries in one’s life.

Now the question comes, How to recognize Pitra Dosha OR What are the Symptoms of Pitra Dosha?

  1. The prominent indicator- Miscarriages and No Progeny in the family
  2. Constant Sufferings to the Head of the Family
  3. Repeated death of the Pets in the family
  4. Failure in Studies and Career to the kids of the family
  5. Prolonged delay in marriage to the female members of the family
  6. Misunderstandings and Disagreements amongst the members of the family
  7. Unnatural or Unexpected Death in the family
  8. Fights at Workplace for no reason or Unnecessary Defamation at Workplace
  9. Continual Depression, Anxiety and Miseries to the family members

All these symptoms clearly indicate towards ‘Pitra Dosha’

There are two very important Days of ‘Pitru Paksha’

1. The First day of the ‘Pitru Paksha’- Purnima Day

2. The Last day of the ‘Pitru Paksha’ which is all ancestors' new moon day and also known as ‘Sarva Pitra Moksh Amavasya’ day

#Shradh #death rituals  #AboutLifeand death #DeathRituals, #ShradhPujaVidhi #PitruPaksha #Shradh #Shraadh #PitraDosha #WhenIs Shradh2018 #PitruPaksha2018Dates #VedicScriptures #AuspiciousDays #ShradhVidhi #HowToPerformShradh #WhatIsPindDaan #PitruPakshaDates2018

Sarva Pitra Moksh Amavasya is also known as ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’ or ‘Mahalaya’
Mahalaya is the last day of Pitru Paksha and marks the beginning of the ‘Devi Paksha’.

On this day the Goddess Durga is believed to have descended to Earth.

This day falls on the 7th day before Durga Puja and it is celebrated with enthusiasm primarily in Bengal and Karnataka


PLEASE NOTE- Tarpan’ or ‘Shradh’ must be performed systematically and with correct procedures. It is advisable to perform ‘Shradh’ with the help of some Learned Scholar or a ‘Pandit’

So this Pitru Paksha, pay homage to your ancestors so that no sorrow or trouble befalls on the family, and peace prevails.
Also, wish you receive the Divine Blessings of your ancestors and remove all the hurdles from your life.

"Let us make future generations remember us as proud ancestors just as, today, we remember our forefathers"














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Vastu  & Colours for Home


Colours have many powers; it inspires our well-being, ambition, peace, relationship etc. During ancient times to colours have been used by mystics to create decorated and beautiful homes that brought them an abundance of knowledge and prosperity.


We will explore here about different colours, its meaning and importance according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Blue:  This is the colour of the new beginning. This colour is highly recommended for bedroom and meditation room.
  • Green: Green stands for peace and hope. It has a healing effect and a feeling of fresh atmosphere. This colour is good for study room.
  • Yellow: This colour signifies wisdom and knowledge. This colour is good for rooms where direct sunlight is less. Ideally for Pooja rooms.
  • Orange: Power of spirituality. Signifies wisdom, knowledge, happiness etc. This colour is one of the best Vastu colours for home.

Vaastu Shaastra

Discover. Believe. Transform

  • Red: Known for power and might. One should avoid using this colour in the bedroom.
  • Purple: This colour signifies peace and tranquillity. Light shades are good for bedrooms.
  • Pink: This colour signifies happiness and joy. This colour is very good for master bedroom and rooms in the South.
  • White: Ceilings have to be white coloured. Bedroom in the North West direction can be painted with white colour.
  • Black: Avoid using black colour in the house as this may cause despair.
We don't provide professional Vastu advice. We act as a platform of discussion for the users. See additional information.