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What is the effect of slopes in plot?

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posted Feb 22, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Slopes Effect in Vastu Shastra
Slopes are believed to be the most crucial aspects of a plot that dramatically affect human health and well-being. This is said in terms vaastu that each and every slope has intense effect on people depending on its direction.

Vaastu is not a concept but an energy that drives our well-being in many ways. This powerful energy radiates from every corner of a house, office, hotel, or building. Researchers, scientists, astrologers, and others have seen its impact in various forms and fashions. It is something that we cannot ignore to ensure a healthy and happy life.

Vaastu recommends that all the slopes of the desired piece of land should be in the right direction or else it can bring misfortune, bad luck, and ill health. It leaves significant impact on health, happiness, riches, success, and personal relationships. Each and every slope of the plot should be directional in a way that it brings auspiciousness to life to ensure radiance of positive vibes around.

There are total four directions – East, West, North, and South and each of these directions have their own sub-directions with their unique effects on people and surroundings.

Here are some of the important considerations and effects of directional slopes:

[li] In the East, slope should be in the North-East direction rather than in the South-East. The North-East direction should have the downward slope to ensure entry of wealth, status, and success to life. If, in case, the slope is directed to South-East in the Eastern direction then it brings ill fortune. Apart from that if the slope in the East is pointed upwards then also it brings loss of wealth, dishonor and failure.[/li] [li] In the West, the slope should be directed upwards to the North-West direction to bring prosperity, success, fame, and spiritual growth. If in case the slope is directed to South-West or if the slope is directed downwards then the results are just opposite.[/li] [li] The North direction is most fruitful if the slope is directed downwards in the North-East direction. This directional slope is effective to invite wealth, success, and prosperity. If, in case, the slope is directed upwards or in the North-West direction it brings inauspiciousness.[/li] [li] The South side is most beneficial and radiates positive energy if the directional slope is in the South-East, pointing upwards. It brings along wealth, fame, status, mental peace, and a satisfied lifestyle. Downwards slope in the South results in loss of wealth, mental imbalance, bankruptcy, depression, ill-health, and misfortune. The directional slope pointing downwards in the South can even lead to untimely death.[/li]

answer Feb 22, 2016 by Hanuman Vastu
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answer Oct 6, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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