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Comprehensive vastu tips for bedroom | Vastu for bedroom | Vastu Dekho

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Bedroom is the place where for privacy and total relaxation. It is a place where one is away from the stressful outside world. Vastu Shastra for Bedroom has been given a special preference and significance. According to Vastu Sometimes, even small changes in the bedroom can turn your fortunes around. Vastu shows you how tweaking your bedroom can increase positive energy and even improve the understanding & compatibility among couples.

Best place for having Bedroom:

  • South or South-West direction is the idle for the Master bedroom and should be occupied by head of the family.
  • The master bedroom should be occupied by married couples only.
  • The Room in North-West is very auspicious for unmarried girls.
  • Bedrooms in the North and East directions are auspicious for Kids
  • Master bedroom should be bigger than other rooms of the house.
  • North direction bedroom is idle for young couples and also store the valuable records, cash jewellery etc.

Placement and Positions of other things in the Bedroom:

  • South-west is the best place to keep the bed, second best place is south direction and third best place is West direction.
  • East direction of the bed placement will lead to ill health and misunderstandings.
  • The bed placed in South-East corner, one will experience lot of Tensions in the life.
  • One who placed bed in the North direction will suffer from financial problems, ill health and misunderstandings between family members.
  • The bed Placed in the North-West corner then the person will face many difficulties like financial problems, tension in business or tension with partners etc.
  • As per vastu never sleep in the bed which has window behind it. There should be solid wall behind the bed.
  • Make sure there should not be any beam crossing over the bed. It may cause a health problem.

Direction of placing the Head while Sleeping:

  • Heading towards south direction while sleeping gives sound sleep, lesser tension and it improves health.
  • Placing head towards East increases the Memory power, good thoughts and good health.
  • Placing head towards North affect the blood circulation, causes stress, illness and disturb the mind. It is clearly advising to avoid sleeping with the head towards the north.

  • The husband should sleep on right side of the bed & wife should be on left side of the bed.

  •  Make sure never keep your legs directly towards the bedroom entrance.

  • Sleeping your Right is recommended for pitta constitutions and it is beneficial for a person prone to rashes, itches. And liver disorders

  • Sleeping your Left is recommended for vata and kapha constitutions and it is beneficial in chronic constipation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


posted Feb 9 by Team Vastu

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Bedroom Vastu plays a very important role. For healthy mind, sound sleep is very important and for a sound sleep, the position of the bed, colors, and directions are equally important. Also, make sure your bedroom is free from any Vastu dosha.  We must consider the placement, direction and color of the bedroom as per Vastu. Follow these 21 Bedroom Vastu Tips for better health, sound sleep and bring peace and harmony to your life:


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  1. The bedroom for the head of the family should be larger than that of the other family members.

  2. The Master bedroom should be placed in the Southwest direction.

  3. The second best place for keeping bed is in the South or West direction.

  4. Avoid bed in the Northwest direction as this will bring financial loss or tensions among the family members.


    Today we tell you a simple trick which could give your professional life a push in the right direction.

  5. Avoid Children’s room/ Servant room or guest room in South West direction.

  6. Most importantly, you should never keep your head towards North while sleeping. The best direction to sleep is with head towards South, East or West.

  7. For attached bathroom in the bedroom, it should be in the West or North side. Also you can have a changing room or bathtub in this direction.

  8. For the attached bathroom, make sure that the door is always closed.

  9. One must have a solid wall behind while sleeping. Make sure that there is no window exactly behind your bed.

  10. Avoid keeping a bed in front of the bedroom door and try to keep single mattress for the double bed.

  11. The color selection of the bedroom should be as per the family of earthen colors like brown or shades of almond. Avoid dark colors for the bedroom and keep your bedroom clutter free and neat & clean.

  12. If you want good health then there should not be any beam crossing over the head. If exists then proper modification or remedy is suggested on an immediate basis otherwise, your health will be affected.

  13. For sound sleep, avoid any electronic gadgets near the bed to negate the bad effects of electromagnetic waves.

  14. Do not place any temple/ Puja or worship place in your bedroom

  15. Try to build the bed in a rectangular shape. Avoid any irregular shape. Avoid any mirror in front of the bed.

  16. Avoid any broken items or item which is no longer in use in the bedroom.

  17. Good Aroma reflects good mood Use refreshing jasmine or lavender fragrances in the bedroom to uplift your mood and spirit. 

  18. For couples, they should share the same bed, mattress and sheets. This will improve their bonding.

  19. It is better to avoid keeping the TV in the bedroom as it emits harmful electromagnetic radiation. But if you want to place TV in the bedroom then it has to be placed in the Southeast corner of the bedroom.

  20. It is NOT advisable to keep any water bodies, fish aquarium in the bedroom. As water is an unstable element and this will result in instability in your life.

  21. Place pleasant pictures in the bedroom. And its placement should be such that the moment you enter the bedroom your look falls on them. Avoid any war, wild or fight scenery or images in the bedroom.

Source Credits- Ashish Jain (Researcher)



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  • Vastu Shastra balances the effect of all the five elements with reference to position and orientation at a place of living.

  • Vastu Shastra adapts its principles by revolving its concept in the huge power of the Sun to reach human being existence. Hence directions are defined with respect to the Sun and there are 8 Cardinal directions.

  • Each direction has its own significance. During a day, people perform different activities in different rooms at different times and at the same time the position of the Sun also keeps changing with respect to these 8 directions.

  • Therefore, as per Vastu Science, if the living and working spaces are oriented according to these directions, it has a direct positive influence on the residents. 

    Let’s Understand How this Principle of Vastu Works:

As we know our Earth rotates on its axis and due to which there are 24 hours in a day. Because of the rotation, the sunlight also changes its position. That’s why the location of different rooms is decided on the basis of different directions.

Let’s see how different Locations are decided on the basis of the rotation of the Sun according to Vastu Science

1. North Direction-

When the Sun is in the North direction, the time is between midnight and 3 AM. This time is of darkness and privacy so this North direction is best for keeping cash almirah or any strong safe items.

2. North-East Direction-

The Sun is in the North-Eastern part of the house between 3 AM to 6 AM. This is a period just before the sunrise and also known as ‘Brahma Muhurata’. This period is quite peaceful and therefore North-East is the best direction for prayer, meditation and study.

3. East Direction-

The Sun is in the Eastern zone of the house from 6 AM to 7:30 AM. This time is especially for bathing and getting rejuvenated for the day. Therefore East is considered as the best suitable direction for the bathing purpose.

4. South East Direction-

The Sun is in the South-eastern zone from 7:30 am to 9am. This is the best time to prepare food. South-East zone is best for Kitchen

5. South Direction-

The Sun is in the South from 9 AM to noon time and this is the best time for work. This direction is for bedroom and offices

6. South West Direction-

Sun is in the South-west zone of the house between Noon to 3 pm. This period is good to take rest after having meals, also known as ‘Vishranti’ period. Thus, the South-West direction is the ideal for Master Bedroom and keeping Wardrobes.

7. West Direction-

The Sun is in the West direction from 3pm to 6pm which is also a good time when children sleep or study. Thus this direction is best suited for Study room, Children bedroom.

8. North West Direction-
The Sun is in the North West part of the house from 6 pm to 9 pm. This is the best time when we should relax and sleep. Thus North West is the best location for dining room or bedroom

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