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Please suggest Vastu for this flat.

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posted Feb 21, 2016 by anonymous

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As per the drawing the ground energy as well the vastu energy level is poor. You need to correct the same.

3 Answers

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I'm trying to understand the science behind it. What is the reason to avoid master bedroom in North, while children bedroom is ok to be in North?
In the above plan, all bedrooms are in North. What would be the impact? Please clarify

answer Feb 24, 2016 by Ganesh
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I agree.
We need to take a scientific approach to Vastu.
We also need to notice that science as publicly known today has its limitations.

Few days back if we had talked about gravitational waves then it would have been unscientific. Now the current generation has some tools to indicate there are gravitational waves.

Many people approaching vastu only look at the sunlight, Air flow, view, spatial arrangement.
that is not very comprehensive. The subtle elements are stronger than the gross and visible.

Vastu itself is result on the research by scientists of that age.
That time the exploration was thru meditation, intuition and medium was sound.
The current age is of light based observations. We want to see things thru telescope and only then we believe them.

Telescopes capture the subtle light reflected from the bodies in deep space.
Ultrasound captures the sound reflected to identify the object.
Western scientists have not disclosed if they have a gravitational wave detector as yet.

Check out this video:

Science that is popular today cannot explain this. But an open scientific mind would certainly be able to absorb this.

Coming back to Vastu, what we have here is the applied Science as it was known ages ago.

We need more people to study the original texts and become Vastu scientists. We need more people to read Sanskrit for that.
We need more people to challenge the Vastu guidelines in the context that we now have light bulbs, ACs and air purifiers.
The Vastu Guidelines that are available today are just a fraction of the findings because whole lot of writings were lost because of invasion, books were burnt and recently lack of interest.

Now the masses are again tapping the subtler aspects to healthy living thru Ayurved, meditation and ancient knowledge.

Applying only a small specific part would probably not yield much if it has not worked convincingly at mental level.

Vastu is a vast ocean and what we could pick from that is what our capacity is.
The first guideline is that the area for residing be big. Bigger the better. there are examples of a multi-storied buildings created per vastu guidelines. So it would not be correct to assume that the people who defined vastu guidelines did not consider high rises.

The ancient palaces of Sri Lanka are still preserved well protected from foreign invasion, something that Indians have failed on for our many structures. Sri Lankas Srigiriya is based on Manjusri Vastu shastra.

I do not appreciate the impact prediction part. Impact is a sum total of a lot of variants, time, karma, grace are very huge contributors to that.

I see Vastu as a pleasing arrange of elements that result in a relatively harmonious environment.

answer Feb 25, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid
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Master bedroom should be in the South West corner.
Kitchen in South east corner
Children bedroom in North or North West.
Living, Pooja should be in the North east area.

Do you have the option to choose another plan on the floor.
If you send the entire floor plan, I could give a rating to the individual plans.

Send a high resolution image with the text a little clear.

answer Feb 22, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid
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