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9 Vastu Rules to Follow While Cooking in Your Kitchen

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According to vastu shastra, the most important place of a house is its kitchen. Most diseases in a house originate from its kitchen. A lot depends on the direction you cook food and also the direction in which you sit and eat your food.

Taking care of these few important things as per vastu, can actually end many problems of your life.

  1. Women, who cook food facing south direction, tend to be susceptible to more diseases.
  2. However, cooking in south-west direction brings peace and happiness in a house. Day-to-day arguments are also reduced drastically.
  3. If you cook facing west, you become vulnerable to skin and joint problems.
  4. If you cook facing north, you are at a huge risk for facing financial troubles in life.

  5. To get rid of all these issues, vastu suggests cooking food in the east direction.

  6. Having a window in the kitchen that faces east direction is considered good for the house as per vastu.

    7. If at least one family member makes it a point to feed a cow first before having his/her own food, this will help the entire family in professional and personal matters.

    8. It is important that you don’t have a bathroom right opposite your kitchen. This increases vastu doshas in a house.

    9. Lastly, vastu advises people to never cook a meal before he or she has bathed. It can cause diseases to grow in the house.


posted Feb 15, 2016 by anonymous

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