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can you please check the floor plan of my shop and advise any changes for my staff's happiness and my prosperity?

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pizza shop floor plan

Can you please check my pizza shop's floor plan and advise me kindly? Most of the walls are red and black but I can't change the colours because this is a franchise business. In the floor plan, where I wrote 'back entrance' there is a septic tank just upside to the word 'back' on the corner of the building. And its outside the shop.

posted Feb 7, 2016 by Mukhdeep Singh

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Can you upload the plan again? not able to download this plan.
Hi Mukhdeep Singh, You can also send a mail ( with your plan and we'll upload it on your behalf.

5 Answers

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Personally I believe Karma and Conviction certainly earn the merits to overcome Vastu Limitation.
However, just as one who is confident of earning lots of money still does some savings with the bank, it is always good to have some level of vastu compliance.

Vastu is a pleasing arrangement of elements at a place that enhances the harmony.

My Observations of the floor plan:

1) Vastu highly recommends that the occupied area be big. Bigger the area, better the vastu rating. Seems logical, because then one could have more open spaces and ways to arrange things. We all enjoy open and vast spaces and that is why the open air restaurants have been so popular.
2) If bigger place is not an option, then one should consider rearranging the furniture so as to give the perception of bigger space.
3) Sometimes the way things are lying around may cause irritation. I call it "Visual Noise"
4) "visual Noise" can be reduced thru many ways including using transparent partitions, removing unnecessary partitions, installing mirrors, increasing the bounce light and reducing the light that directly hits the eyes.
Visual noise can also be reduced by having a higher ceiling and removing objects at eye level to give a clear view of anything that is a good sight, e.g. sky, street etc.

5) Vastu plays a role in utilizing the powers of mother nature to manage the temperature and freshness of the rooms thru intelligent placement of windows, doors and ventilators. For the Indian subcontinent the objective ( usually) is to increase the light from east and reduce the post noon light from west and south. This light is less scorching and gives a pleasant ambiance.
6) You may observe the direction of the desired natural light and place windows and mirrors in that direction.
7) It has been observed that a mirror makes people more aware of themselves and they get less critical of others.
8) Vastu suggests that Mirror be placed on the North wall and East wall. ( again going by the rule that openness and depth perception in that direction is advised over the directions of South and West)
9) Vastu also recommends that the designated areas of the elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) be adhered to. This means place of fire should not have water too close. the recommended place of water is North East, so it is best to have taps, wash basins to this side.
10) Toilets at South west corner are a strict no no. North west area or South ( centrally placed ) is allowed. ( Please use the app to get all options for WC placements aligned to Vastu guidelines)
11) Its is good to avoid crossing of walking paths for different roles ( e.g. if somebody is handling the oven , seasoning, sauce he should not be blocking the flow of tasks for person handling water, washing , drying , storing and vice versa) This is how one would separate out the conflicting Fire and Water elements.
12) Ovens are best placed in the South East direction. Once the pizza dough is ready to be placed in oven, the person should have an uninterrupted access to the oven from the counter top.
13) Working for long hours facing a wall in cramped space could tire a person and make him irritable. If the dough rolling and topping tasks are done facing an open area, while the customers admire the persons dough handling skills would enhance the staffs mood.
14) High value storage, heavy storage is recommended to be placed in the South West direction, opening to the north / east.
15) Manager, owner to sit in the south west area, a little higher up at a place where he is able to observe and direct everybody around.
16) As customers enter the restaurant , they would queue up for the order, so probably it would make sense to shift 4 a little farther away from the entrance and have the Pizza Island ( 3) be the first thing visible to the customers and the enticing menu photos.
That way they are more likely to grab a drink from the refrigerator (1,2) when they are about to place an order. This would also smooth out the flow of selecting, ordering and waiting on the bench for the order.
17) Other than the actual oven area ,( and the customer area), it is best to confine the smell of cooking to one area and not make the entire area smell of the oven for the entire day. so the exhausts have to be placed precisely.
18) soothing music of Flute and songs that are not repetitive and images that are pleasing enhance the mood and working conditions.

I am keen to know how this works out for you. All the best.

answer Feb 9, 2016 by Vastu Paranoid
Thanks a lot! It'll definitely work out well.
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enter image description here

uploading this plan on behalf of Mukhdeep Singh, who asked this question.

answer Feb 8, 2016 by Vastu Compass App
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I will charge for detail study. If you are interested you contact me.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant
98402 49266
answer Oct 29, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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Few points i tell you.
Business is not taking place as you expect
The owner. & working staffs are
 not happy.
Major vaasthu defects noticed.
If you rectify the defect everything will improved.
Decision is yours

Vaasthu & cosmic energy consultant
98402 49266
answer Oct 29, 2017 by S.rajahgopaal
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1.let thy colours be red and  black ..but see that all corners are framed with silver linings  and green lamps.

2.see that thy septic tank  does not  increase in height to that of thy floor of shop should be less.. if its so cover the portion facing thy shop with  a coloured glass that has  scenery of water and that others  will not know it. the entrance of thy shop  draw a small circle ..put some color marbles.. place a glass over that and pot a tulasi tree... gd luck.

answer Jun 7, 2018 by Sunil Kumar Menon
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