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13 Powerful Effective DiwaliTips You Must Know- Ensure More Wealth & Money Flow |Diwali 2018 Special

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Vastu Dekho wishes you all a very Happy Deepawali! Diwali is a festival of vibrant lights and prosperity

In 2018 Diwali is on 7th November, Wednesday

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on this day

Here are some Incredible Vastu Tips to attract Money, Abundance and Happiness

13 Most Powerful Tips to decor your Home as per Vastu Shastra in Diwali 2018

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Kitchen is the heart for every homemaker and it is the zone of fire

So it is important to worship and decorate kitchen as per vastu

Lit four Diyas or candles around all four corners of the Gas Stove/ Cooktop

Also Make a Swastik with ‘Kumkum’ on the Gas Stove/ Cooktop

Now the Tip for North or North East zone of the kitchen

If there is no source of water in the North zone then do this remedy

  1. Place a Pot filled with pure water on a Yellow Cloth in Northeast Corner/ Ishaan Kon
  2. Then put three coins in the pot and close it with a small lid


This remedy helps to bring more Abundance, Wealth and Better Health to the members of the family




On Diwali we light candles and ‘diya’. But we should not forget the Natural Light

It is very important to have natural light also in Diwali

Open all the windows and doors in the noon time and let Sunrays enter your home

Doing this will enhance high vibrations and positivity at home


This Diwali install a Golden House idol in the East zone of your home to get growth in Business

Make sure the horse is in the equestrian posture i.e. has both front legs up in the air


Install mirrors in the North direction as North is the direction of Lord Kuber

During Diwali Goddess Lakshmi visits Her devotees and if you place mirrors in this direction then it will multiply the money and wealth.


If you have Wall Clock in South or West wall then shift it immediately to the North or East Direction

It is believed doing so brings Favourable Time and enhances Growth and Prosperity



As it is believed Goddess Lakshmi visits our home this day so don’t forget to decorate the Main Door Entrance

  1. Add colors and happiness to your life by making a nice ‘Rangoli’ by flowers.
  2. If possible then place a Lotus flower at the Main Door Entrance.
  3. Goddess Lakshmi sits on Lotus and thus it is very auspicious to attract Her by placing a Lotus at the Main Door
  4. Place ‘Toran’ or ‘Bandhanvaar’ at the Main door. Use 5 mango leaves in this ‘Bandhanvaar’ to bring auspicious and positive results
  5. Make ‘Sripada’ or imprints of Goddess Lakshmi’s feet at the entrance using beautifully colored rice. Make sure the direction of Her feet should be towards inside of the house
  6. Similarly it is auspicious to make imprints of Goddess Lakshmi’s feet or ‘Sripada’ at the entrance of all the rooms of the house


Using Red and Yellow colors in temple of the house is very auspicious in Diwali

While selecting Goddess Lakshmi Idol, make sure She adorns lotus in two hands and Her two hands with mudras

Devotees should face North or East direction while offering prayers

On the day of Diwali it is a custom to worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha

And Their idols should be made of clay to ensure you success, good health and helps you in removing obstacles

Make sure to place Godess Lakshmi on the Right Hand Side of Lord Ganesha and make sure They are NOT facing each other


Whenever you place ‘Diya’ it should be in Odd numbers like 21 or 11

After Puja wherever you place diyas, place it in a set of Four.
It is believed these four ‘diyas’ represent Lord Indra, Lord Kuber, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi

Doing this brings very fruitful results

Use earthen diyas, clean it with pure water few hours before puja and then let it dry completely

As per Hindu scriptures it is believed if we place 21 Oil diyas and 9 pure ghee diyas in the temple Goddess Lakshmi visits directly in the temple


  1. Make a kumkum ‘Swastik’ on the cash almirah
  2. Place your cash almirah in such a way that while opening the door faces the north

Since North is the zone of lord Kuber as per vastu Shastra and it is believed He refills the cash when the door opens in this direction

  1. Make sure to place candles and diyas in the Bathroom and Toilet also. Doing this will remove away the negative vibrationsInstall water bodies like Water Fountain in the North East direction on Diwali for amazing cash inflow and fruitful results for the whole year

We trust you like our useful tips on the Diwali!

Décor you home this Diwali with these Amazing Incredible tips to welcome Goddess Lakshmi

May Goddess Lakshmi bestow your family with Happiness, Positivity, Abundance and Prosperity!












posted Oct 31, 2018 by Team Vastu

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Diwali or Deepawali is the Hindu festival of lights and is celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm every year. Diwali falls on the ‘Amavasya’ in the month of Karthik, according to the Hindu calendar. The festival is known to bring joy, health and prosperity and other than its religious significance, Diwali is special also because it brings families and near-and-dear ones closer.

Every year on Diwali, there is an elaborate Puja that is performed in the household. There is an intricate list of ‘saamagri’ or materials that are required and a proper procedure or ‘vidhi’ is to be followed for the appropriate completion of the Puja. 

To make it easier for you, Vastu Dekho brings you a complete list of the ‘saamagri’/ items required for the Diwali Puja.


Firstly, you will need to get the idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha, their clothes- red coloured for Goddess Laxmi and yellow for Lord Ganesha, ‘sree-yantra’ and then the following items:

  1. ‘Akshat’ or unbroken rice
  2. Roli
  3. Camphor or ‘kapoor’
  4. Cotton
  5. Coconut
  6. Turmeric Powder
  7. Sandal Powder
  8. ‘Kalawa’ or holy thread
  9. Dry coconut
  10. Fruits
  11. Batasha
  12. Sweets
  13. Dry fruits
  14. Coriander seeds
  15. Puffed rice or ‘kheel’ and sugar ‘khilauna
  16. Clove, cardamom, saffron
  17. Vermillion or ‘kumkum’
  18. Betel leaves and Areca Nuts (Paan-supaari)
  19. Flowers including flower garlands of rose and marigold
  20. Lotus flower and lotus seeds
  21. Incense sticks
  22. ‘Kalash’ or an urn
  23. Mustard oil or Sesame oil
  24. Gold or silver coins
  25. Earthen lamps
  26. White cloth and red cloth (2 metres each)
  27. Rupee coins
  28. Pure ghee, milk, honey and curd
  29. Panchamrita (mixture of milk, curd, honey, ghee and sugar)
  30. 11 small shells or ‘kaudi
  31. Conch or ‘shankh’
  32. Gangajal
  33. Clay pot to make kohl or ‘kajal’
  34. Wooden stool or ‘chauki’ for the idols
  35. School book/account book (‘bahi-khata’) and pen (anything related to the source of income and education in the family)
  36. Match box

If you are not able to gather one or more of the aforementioned items, remember that the Puja is auspiciously complete if you worship the Gods and Goddesses with pure faith and true devotion.


Now that the ‘saamagri’ is complete, let us look at how to perform the Puja with proper procedure. Laxmi Puja is the most important part of the festival, and we have prepared the ‘vidhi’ for you to refer before the Puja:


  1. First of all, place the white cloth on the wooden ‘chauki’ and carefully place the idols of Ganesh and Laxmi on it (‘moorti-sthaapana’). The idols shuld be bathed in the ‘panchamrita’ mentioned in the saamagri.
  2. Make sure that the chauki faces towards east.
  3. Make a rangoli around the chauki.
  4. Sprinkle gangajal on the idols and around the whole ‘Puja-sthal’ to purify the area.
  5. Apply roli, kumkum and akshat (unbroken rice) on the idols. Clothe the idols with their respective coloured clothes.
  6. Place the flower garlands on the idols.
  7. Offer the lotus flower, if possible, to Goddess Laxmi.
  8. Take two betel leaves and place in front of the idols. Place supaari and cardamom on the leaves and fold them in half at least three times, and seal them with clove.
  9. Offer the leaves to the idols.
  10. Keep the ‘sree-yantra’ on the chauki and apply roli and sandal on it.
  11. Offer rupee coins to Goddess Laxmi, however much you may want to.
  12. Offer the conch and the small shells to Goddess Laxmi by placing them on the chauki.
  13. Place a silver coin on the chauki.
  14. Place the small shells and lotus seeds in earthen lamps and situate them on the chauki.
  15. Offer flowers, fruits and sweets to the God and Goddess.
  16. Offer ‘bhog’ of sugar, ‘khilauna’ and puffed rice.
  17. Take a slightly bigger lamp (diya) and keep cotton ‘baati’ on it, then fill it with mustard oil completely as it has to stay lit all night.
  18. Keep the clay pot over the diya so that ‘kajal’/ pure smoke gets accumulated in it in the morning. All family members should apply this ‘kajal’ as it is considered auspicious.
  19. Start the worship of the idols by reciting appropriate ‘shlokas’ and chants. You may use a prayer book specified for the Puja.
  20. Begin the ‘aarti’-first of Lord Ganesh then of Goddess Laxmi. All the family members must recite the ‘aarti’ with faith and reverence.
  21. Take the shells and lotus seeds placed on the chauki and keep them in the main ‘diya’ overnight. In the morning, take one shell and seed and make a bundle of them, and give it to all the family members.
  22. After that, distribute the sweets as ‘prasad’ to all the family members.
  23. Later, light all the earthen lamps (and candles) and place them everywhere in your home: no corner should be left in darkness.


We wish you and your family all the health, joy and prosperity and hope that we all can make this Diwali better for others, too. We hope that our article was informative and precise and that it helped you in your Puja.

May Goddess Laxmi bless us all!






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To earn more money your aim should be to please Lord Kuber by following these SmartVastuu tips Yes, that’s true! As per Vastu Shastra experts, Lord Kuber is the God of Wealth and it is very important to please him. Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi love a place which is as per Vastu Shastra. So if you wish to receive Lord Kuber blessings then follow these very effective Vastu tips. These quick and effective Vastu Shastra guidelines help you to earn more money and become rich. 

Earn More Money, Rich, Money, Vastu, Vastu Shastra



  1. Place the cash almirah or locker in the Southwest or South wall so that it opens in the North. This is the direction of Lord Kuber. It is believed that Lord Kuber refills the cash almirah so this is how you attract money.

  2. Never keep leaking taps in the house. Since water is symbolic of money so it is believed that if water is getting waste then money is also getting wasted.

  3. The building roof must slope from Southwest to Northeast i.e. South and West walls of the house should be higher and thicker than the walls of North and East.

  4. If you want to stabilize finances then plant big trees in South and South West portion of your home.

  5. Keep the center of your house clutter free and empty as this is the Brahmasthan area in any house.

  6. Never place big or high trees in the Northeast direction outside your home as this creates an obstacle for the cash inflow.

  7. If you are keeping a fountain then make sure that the water is not stagnant and always flowing. Place water fountain in the North East direction of the house.

  8. Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi like cleanliness so ensure that all the windows and doors of the house are properly cleaned. If not, they will obstruct the flow of money and wealth inside your house.

  9. Feeding birds in your plot’s yard attract wealth and positive energy. Feed birds with water and grains.

  10. Keep a Fish Aquarium in the Northeast area of your home. Make sure you keep aquarium always clean and aerated.
    Read More Click-

  11. Purple color represents money and wealth. So keep a purple colored plant in your home. If somehow you are unable to find a purple colored plant then you can also place a money plant in a purple colored pot.

  12. Never ever place cash almirah or locker under any beam, this will bring a lot of financial stress on the family.

  13. Place a mirror in front of the cash locker or cash almirah. This is a Smart trick to attract more money and wealth to your home.

  14. Avoid a place where there is a temple or high rise buildings etc. in the Northeast portion of your home. If there is no other solution, then make sure its shadow doesn’t fall on your plot or home.

  15. An opening of a door at the Northeast of the home also attracts money and luck.

  16. When there is an apartment in the Southside, the money stays more or stabilized income is seen. Make Southwest or West portion of your plot as a storeroom.

  17. A heavy open space towards North also brings more money to your home.

  18. Make sure your home is very well ventilated. Fresh air brings lots of positivity and calmness. Fresh air is very important for our brain to function more efficiently. When you work in a fresh ventilated environment, you will be able to think creatively and overall productivity increases.

  19. Make sure your home is made as per Vastu science. A Vastu compliant home not only brings more money but also attracts good fortune.

  20. Avoid bad habits that affect your health. If you smoke and drink (alcohol) on a regular basis, it brings negativity, ill health and loss of property

Conclusion- A clean house reflects a clean and peaceful mind. It is very important to keep your home healthy as per Vastu standards to attract more wealth and money to your home. Following the above effective Vastu Shastra tips will lead to a happy, healthy and wealthy life



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