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8 Incredible Tips to Inculcate Power and Wisdom in Life | Turning Pain to Power the Vastu Way

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The Lord of Power and Wisdom, also known as the ‘Vignaharta’ and ‘Sukhkarta – Lord Ganesha is considered to be very auspicious and He fulfills all desires of His devotees.

Lord Ganesha always bestows mankind with wealth, intellect, mental peace and well-being

In Vastu, if you place Lord Ganesha’s idol as per Vastu rules it will maximize positivity and Energize your home.

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  1. Place some auspicious symbols and signs to bring in positivity and keep evil eyes away from your home
  2. Placing Ganesha’s idol is good as per Vastu Shastra, but one must know the proper procedure to place it.
  3. Never place Ganesha idol outside your main door as Lord Ganesha carries poverty at His back and if you place Him at the main door facing outside and His back inside, it will bring poverty inside your home.
  4. In case you want to place a Ganesha idol at the main door facing outside then make sure you place one more Ganesha idol exactly opposite of the same in a way that Their backs are facing each other.
  5. To increase concentration while studying, use Lord Ganesha idol in the sitting position in the North East direction in the study room
  6. A single image/idol of Lord Ganesha is good enough for home. Hence avoid placing more than one image/ idol of Ganesha at home as this disturbs the energy of the home.
  7. Now the question arises- What is the best placement direction for Lord Ganesha?

For domestic puja you should keep Lord Ganesha idol facing the West or South. Both directions bring out positive and fruitful results



  1. If you are facing Debt related issues then place an image or idol of Ganesha in a Dancing form
  2. Dancing Ganesha helps you find a solution for property related issues
  3. Dancing Ganesha form also removes negativity away from your home and brings more wisdom to you.
  4. Dancing Ganesha form also known as ‘Nrutya Ganpati’ or ‘Nritya Ganpati’ brings good luck and peace.

posted Oct 26, 2018 by Team Vastu

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Celebrate Dussehra the Vastu Way- 15 Ways to Revive Your Life with Balanced Positive Energy!


Happy Vijaya Dashami - 19th October 2018

Vijaya Dashmi falls on the tenth date of the Ashwin month
Vijaya Dashmi is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over India.

On this day Lord Rama defeated ten-headed (‘Dashanan’) Ravana and hence known as ‘Dusshehra’

This festival is the Victory of Good over Evil

Similarly, we should also remove all the unwanted negative energies from our lives

It is very important to know how Vastu Shastra helps us to Balance the Energies


  1. Place a Nameplate outside your house. Make sure to clean it always. This helps in wiping off the negative energies from your home.
  2. Camphor / ‘kapoor’ has Spiritual and Scientific benefits. Burning camphor in an aroma lamp drives away evil spirits and negative energies. The strong fragrance of camphor will uplift your mood & spread positivity around
  3. Lavender Oil is a good antidepressant.

  4. Use lavender oil or lemon oil in aroma diffuser to remove anxiety and mental stress
  5. Rock Salt Bath is essential once a week. Rock salt has healing powers and boosts your aura. Rock salt also absorbs negative energies so use rock salt while mopping the floor at least once a week.
  6. For a healthy mind, a sound sleep is essential. For a sound sleep keep your head towards South while sleeping. 
  7. Avoid sleeping under any beam as this causes a headache and depression.
  8. Avoid sleeping in a bed made of metal. Sleeping on a wooden bed helps to reduce heart and brain-related problems. 
  9. As per Vastu Science, North East corner is considered as the most auspicious zone. Make sure there is no toilet or bathroom in this direction.
  10. Consult a Vastu Expert immediately if you have a toilet or bathroom in North East zone. Experienced and professional Vastu Experts available at
  11. Don’t sleep in the South East zone as this is the zone of ‘Fire’. Sleeping in SE causes aggression, anger and depression.

  12. Don’t place Thorny plants at home. It causes conflicts at home. 

  13. Avoid keeping Bonsai and Milking plants at home as this brings stagnant growth to the family members.

  14. If you have broken crockery like broken cups/ glass/ plates, etc- Remove immediately. Crockery represents Wealth of the family and broken crockery brings Failure and Troubles to the family members.

  15. Remove wild or aggressive animals pictures or idols from your home

You believe it or not, but we all live around Negative and Positive energies
With the help of perfect Vastu, these energies can be controlled and optimized for the best results

We wish you peace and positivity at your home.
May you be blessed with health and happiness!

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