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25 Latest Guidelines for the Main Door/Entrance of Your Home | Protect the Happiness of Your Family with Vastu

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“The storms of the evil one can be stopped at the very entrance of our home”- Joseph B. Wirthlin

The main door or entrance of the house is considered as the Gateway to prosperity. 

Everyday Strong positive or negative vibrations enter the house. Follow these 25 Latest Guidelines and Protect Your Family from Evil/ Negative Vibrations

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Make sure to follow the Vastu Principes for the Main Door or The Main Entrance of your home!

Vastu gives high importance to the main door as most Strong positive or negative vibrations enter the house. 

The first impression is the best impression; hence a lot of care has to be taken to uphold that impression. It also reflects one’s personality and well-being of the house members. The location and position of the entrance door should be well-taken care and placed where it will activate the most beneficial energies.

Vastu Guide for the Position of the Main Door or the Entrance- 


Main entrance in this direction is considered to be very auspicious.


This direction gives prosperity


Generally not considered to be good


Generally not recommended, but with certain Vastu correction, the west facing home can be as good as North or East oriented one.

South-West is not a good direction for placing the main door. The magnetic energy that is flowing from North-East should get collected or accumulated in the South-West. If the entrance door is placed in this corner then chances are that the energy will leak out.

In the event, if only one entrance is provided to the house, then the door should be placed in either East of North for the best results.

Doors in the West and South are not allowed mainly in residential establishments.

For East facing house, the main door or entrance should be towards the East.

Things to keep in mind while making or buying the Main Door

  1. The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house
  2. The main door should have a threshold as it makes sure that you avoid loss of any wealth
  3. Use very good quality of wood for the main entrance
  4. An attractive nameplate on the entrance of the house will invite prosperity, wealth and happiness
  5. An automated main door is not at all good
  6. Auspicious symbols such as an image of Goddess Lakshmi or Swastika symbol decorated on the main door will invite prosperity and wellbeing
  7. The main door should be attractive, solid and heavy

Here is the Latest List of Do's and Don'ts for the Main Door or the Main Entrance


  1. The height of the main door should be at least twice its width
  2. The main door should open inside and clockwise
  3. The presence of a small ventilator above the main door is very auspicious
  4. Placing a toran is very auspicious
  5. A string made of either Peepal, Mango or Ashok leaves hanging on the main door is good as they expel negativity
  6. Always keep the entrance door well lit with bright lights
  7. The entrance should be clutter free, and tidy. It will attract positive energies
  8. Lighting a diya outside the main door at sunset is a good custom.


  1. The main door should not make any screeching noise while opening or closing
  2. Avoid main doors that close or open automatically
  3. Never place a door in the center of the wall
  4. Make sure that there is no door, within the house or outside that faces the main door when you open it
  5. Keeping shoes at the entrance door should be avoided
  6. Never have the main door facing an abandoned and deserted building.
  7. The main door should not face a temple, it will create problems
  8. Poles, trees or wires have to be avoided in front of the main door
  9. Avoid any shadows on the main door like shadows of temples, Plants or churches  etc
  10. Picture or image of any God or Deity should not be hanged at outer-side of the main door of the house.

Vastu Remedies for the Main Door or Entrance:

If there is any obstruction to the main entrance/main door is facing a ‘T’ Road, a cemetery, temple, transformer, hospital, jail, or any ugly or abandoned building, then hang a ‘Pakua’ mirror used in Feng Shui on the front of the wall of your building in such a way that it faces the negative area defined.

Note- All Remedies must be done under the guidance of a Vastu Expert.

To consult Call 9341367799

or Visit-

Source: Researcher Ashish Jain






posted Oct 15, 2018 by Team Vastu

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The Main Door or Main Entrance of any home brings Positivity or Negativity to your home. The main door of your home reflects your personality and wellbeing of the inhabitants. The position or location of the main entrance of your home should be such that it can activate the most beneficial energies inside your home.
There is so much info on the direction for the Main door or the entrance. Let’s see these 13 Unlucky things you should avoid for the Main entrance or main door of your home:


Main Door, Entrance, Vastu, Vastu shastra, Negativity


  1. Avoid having the main door facing to another house’s main entrance as it leads to financial losses and problems

  2. Avoid any underground tank, septic tank under the main entrance

  3. The main gate should never face intersecting roads

  4. Never keep garbage or dustbin near the entrance or in front of the main door.

  5. Avoid keeping any shoes in front of the main entrance. Keep them on a side.

  6. Avoid having the main door in front of any temple, this may create problems for the head of the family.

  7. Avoid having any flowing water feature in front of the main entrance as this may lead to unnecessary expenditure.

  8. Avoid big trees, poles, wires etc. in front of the main door.

  9. Do not have the main door in front of an abandoned or empty building, this creates negative vibes

  10. Avoid sliding, slanting or circular opening entrances

  11. Make sure not to have any door, within the house or outside, which faces the main door when you open it.

  12. Avoid having a red light for the main door.

  13. Ensure that there are no broken door or chipped wood or any missing screws in the main door. 


Source Credits- Ashish Jain (Researcher Vastu Science)


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