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I have booked new plot and wanted to know if the design is compliant to vastu

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Hello Sir,

I have booked a new plot on 30th Sept 2018. and In in the process for applying for home loan. 

I need your expert advice in knowing if the plot is compliant with Vastu. Or any changes should be made.

The design is with combined toilet and bathroom, However I have asked for keeping both separate.

 Please suggest me if I should go ahead with this plot. Or should cancel the booking, Or any modification I can make.

Its a 3bhk house, first image is ground floor and 2nd image is first floor

posted Oct 4 by Subodh Sukhdev Chavan

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3 Answers

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I suggest you to get personalised vasthu consultation to get entire details about your house.
answer Oct 4 by S.rajahgopaal
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Not Good,

several defects, good to cancel and go for new design.

answer Oct 4 by Nageshwar
Please could you highlight defects, I will have reason for cancelling.
I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you Sir.
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- South Road of South West Main Entry in to the house.

- East is Loaded with Staircase (both on GF and FF) [Strictly not Recommended]

- Toilet and Bed Room are covered at the direction of North and North East.(Both in GF and FF) 


answer Oct 4 by Nageshwar
Thank you So much.
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