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Place Water Bodies Wisely to Secure Your Future | Overhead and Underground Water Tank | Vastu Directions and Remedies

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Chief Joseph once said- “The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it”. Having rights upon something doesn’t mean we can use it the way we want. There are certain principles of using five elements of life and Water is one of the principal element.

Water Placement, Overhead Water Tank, Underground Water Tank, Vastu Shastra

Let's discuss today Correct placement of Water Bodies like Fountain, Overhead Tanks and Underground Water Tanks at the house-

Water is one of the five elements as per Vastu Theory. Water is a very powerful energy generator. Without water, life will cease to exist in this world.

The water feature will bring in strong positive or strong negative results to the house members, so it is very crucial to determine the Vastu of any water features.

If your home is near a lake, pond or a river, we recommend you to understand more deeply the influence of water around you.

There are basically two aspects:

  1. How and where water is placed
  2. The direction of flow of water

Water near a property should be either in the North, East or North East direction. The surface level of water in these directions should be always below the ground level of rest of the property.

Let’s see what queries people have related to the placement of water bodies:

  1. What is the position of the septic tank according to Vastu?

  2. Where to place Underground Water Tank in the house

  3. What is the correct direction for Overhead water tank

  4. Vastu for Water Fountain Direction

To get the answers, you should understand the Favorable Directions for water element:

1. North East direction

Water placement at North East direction is considered most auspicious because it brings divine blessings and success. Many benefits like material and spiritual prosperity, name and fame, robust health, happiness, harmony in the relationship, good fortune and peace at home.

b. North direction

Water placement at North is believed to be auspicious.  All the good benefits written for the NorthEast directions holds good for North direction as well

c. East direction:

Water in the east increases one’s intelligence, thoughts, knowledge, wisdom and peace. Also improves the social status and noble qualities. Considered to be most auspicious for everyone

Unfavorable Directions for Water Element:

1. South-West direction:

If the water body is in the South-West direction, it is very dangerous. Life will be at risk for all house members. Fear, disaster, financial debts, defamation, divorce, enemies, fights among family members …many such risks are invited if water placement is in this direction. Even fatal disease and unnatural death are also unavoidable. No peace will exist in this direction.

2. South direction:

Its again considered life risk situation. Brings in a lot of calamities, financial loss, mental stress, depression. Women should completely avoid residing in this direction of water flow.

3. West direction:

Life risk and health threat to men especially. Many ailments such as chronic disease, disturbed relationships, mental pressure and abnormal behavior is seen in members if residing in this direction of water flow.

How to understand Vastu compliant Underground water tanks and Overhead water tanks

The water tank can be located in 2 ways:

  1. Underground – usually called sump tank – placed beneath the ground
  2. Overhead or rooftop – the water tank that is placed on the roof.

Placing both types of water tanks has got rules and regulations as per vastu shastra.

Let’s consider overhead water tank first 

Overhead water tank puts load on the area of the roof top where it is located.

Overhead water tank vastu – How to find out the best location?

1.    Best located in Southwest or West direction

2.    Only south location is also advisable

3.    If an overhead tank is placed in the Northwest direction, the tank should be small and 2-3 feet away from the Northwest corner of the house.

4.    North East location is not advisable because heavy material or equipment should not be kept in the NE direction.

5.    If the overhead tank is placed on the South East, loss of wealth is indicated.

Vastu Tips: What to do

·       Try to keep the overhead tank in the SW direction on a platform that is at least 2ft higher than the roof.

·       West facing overhead tank need not have any platform

·       Always keep the tanks completely covered

·       Tanks have to be regularly cleaned

·       Try to keep separate water tanks for Kitchen and Bathroom as far as possible.

Vastu tips – What to avoid?

·       Avoid using plastic water tanks

·       Never place the overhead water tank above a kitchen or bedroom

·       The overhead tanks have to be leak proof.


The best locations for constructing underground Water tank as per Vastu]

The underground tank should be located towards the Northeast of the house

If there is no other option, you may locate the tank in 4th pada in South


Source Credit: Myvastu/vastushastraguru

posted Oct 3, 2018 by Team Vastu

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