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South-West Vastu Defects & Problems: Vaasthu Rajah

The South West corner or direction is one of  the most important direction as per VAASTHU. This is a place where the Energy is stored and has the ability to retain the energy.

South West is controlled by the planet Rahu.  Rahu governs  Luck, Wealth and  life.

Any defect in South West will make the effort of the person who lives in that place unsuccessful and will not get proper results in spite of their hard work.  Also the inmates will have multiple problems whether it is residential, commercial or any business units.

In the South West corner or Direction one should not have the following:

1. Any cut in the South West direction

2. Underground water tank or bore well or Septic tank in the South West.

3. Ground water tank, sump, rain water pit

4. Any  Extension in the west

5. More open space, or big opening

6. Main Entrance / Gate in South west

7. Kitchen in South west

8. Slope in South west direction


1. Blocked Money

2.  Financial constrains

 3. Debt

4. Problem associated with loan matters and Legal matters.

 5. Accidents, Leg pain or Fractures

 6. Uncontrolled Expenditure

7. Marriage related issues

8. Misunderstanding in the family

9. Instability in the life style

Health Problems:

  1. Kidney related issues
  2. children involves in bad habits
  3.  Stress and depression
  4.  Leg pain or Fractures
  5. Accidents, physical body damage



The above defects can be corrected based on ENERGY VAASTHU concept without any demolition or Alteration.


posted Sep 28 by S.rajahgopaal

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Vaasthu Defects in South East corner OR Zone: - Vaasthu RAJAH

In Vaasthu Shastra, the South East direction,  is considered the direction of “Fire” or Agni  element.  The benefits of South East will give  good earning, health (especially for women),physical power and relationships (love and marriage both).   

South East direction is related with the mainly females health, Earning power, Relations with superiors, personal life. . So any defects in this direction may affect the above said things. This direction is mainly related with the physical energy. So problem in this direction affect the physical power of person and leads to unsuccessful and unsatisfied life style. 

So that the Kitchen and fire related activities should be in South East corner of house.

If there is any defects in this corner the following problems may create.

South East Vaasthu Defects List

  1. Toilet in South East
  2. Bedroom in South East
  3. Cut or extension in South East
  4. Slope in South direction
  5. Plot: Bore well, sump, septic tank, Rain water collection pit or sump etc.
  6. Well in this side will ruin the family.
  7.  Any cut in this corner is very dangerous.
  8.  Any type of extension is also not permit-able.
  9. Lower height of wall or floor level is also not good. 


  1. Health Related Issues: Heart diseases,
  2. Mental depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Likelihoods of major fire accident.
  3. Losses in business
  4. Loss of personal money by various means.
  5.  Difficulties in finding a good job, efforts in job go unrecognized.
  6.  Misunderstanding between wife and husband (leading even to divorce),
  7. constant frustration and quarrels in family
  8. Court cases, legal issues and police cases.
  9. Difficulties in finding a suitable match and other unexpected marriage related issues.

Note:  100 % Solution is available without any demolition in Energy Vaasthu Science.



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Based on request received from the viewers ,  I give below the  vaasthu defect problems arises when the house is not as per vaasthu.

  • Losses in business
  • Obstacles or hurdles in the progress path
  • Delay in work progress
  • Money or cash flow is bad
  • Property disputes
  • Legal problems, lawsuit problems
  • Problems out of Jealousy
  • Money Comes in and goes out as quickly
  • Continual sickness , Continuous arguments with spouse, partner etc
  • Behavioral or educational problems in children
  • Unwanted negative thoughts
  • Communication problems with known people
  • Disharmony among the family members
  • No soundness of sleep
  • Lack of stability
  • Divorce
  • Accidents
  • Infertility
  • Heavy financial losses
  • Unnecessary expenses
  • Suffering from an ill-defined disease

 If a person has any one or multiple problems, proper study should be made to find out the problems.

  Reason for the problem and remedial measure to be taken.

If you face the continuous problems you can have a check on your house vaasthu


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