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Is there any Vastu tip for LOVE?

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Does vastu work in the area of Love?

posted Jan 25, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Vastu work on the principle of 5 basic element like earth, water, fire, air and sky, so it can work wonders for your love life. If you apply vastu in your living space, It can help make your relationship more enjoyable. May you have a good love life :)

Love Tips from Vastu

  1. South-West bedroom direction is good for maintaining peace in your life. Your bedroom should always have a square or rectangle shape.
  2. Your bed should not directly face the door. Also, avoid placing your bed between two doors.
  3. Your head should point in the south direction while sleeping for a blissful personal life.
  4. If you have attached toilet in the room, door should keep the door closed and when not in use, toilet seat cover should be kept down.
  5. Bedroom walls should be painted with light green, light rose or blue color, It’ll give your bedroom soothing effect. Hang pictures depicting ocean in your room.
  6. Cluttered surroundings with unnecessary items will have negative impact on the love life, as they restrict the flow of love. Keep you bedroom clear of dust and dirt also.
  7. No idols should not be placed in the bedroom.
  8. If possible, keep fresh flowers in the room. You can also keep fruits like pomegranates, which are a symbol of fertility, in the room.
  9. For your bed, use single mattress only, too many mattresses increase the chances of conflicts and arguments.
  10. You should use light colored bedsheets, preferably with flowery designs on it. For people looking forward to marriage, pink or red colored sheets are favorable.
  11. Red color is good to stimulates the sexual life.
  12. Your house should be well lit, until and unless you are ready to go off for sleep, for a good love life.
  13. If you can decorate your house with beautiful crystals items, it can help attract light and illuminates your relationship as well.
answer Jan 25, 2016 by Nimesh Kumar
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answer Jan 30, 2016 by Durga