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All Luxuries at home yet Constant Sufferings in Life? Check these 9 Indicators of Pitra Dosha & Guidelines as per Vastu

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Most of the times we see that there are all the Luxuries yet Constant Sufferings are there in our life. Let's See 9 Strong Indicators of Sufferings caused due to Pitra Dosha and how to  get rid of all your problems by performing Shradh and Tarpan.

What is Shradh and Pitra Paksha?

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Pitru Paksha falls once in a year and it is important to pay homage to our ancestors during this period.

However, these days people don’t believe in the Shradh or Pitru Paksha. But, Pitru Paksha doesn’t depend on your belief. It is purely dependant on the belief system of your ancestors. Thus, we must perform ‘Shradh’ or ‘Tarpan’ during this period

As per Hindu Scriptures, if by chance a person is unable to perform Shradh for his ancestors then he suffers from ‘Pitra Dosha’

And as a result, suffers from many problems in life

5 Latest Guidelines on Where to place Images or pictures of ancestors according to Vastu Shastra?

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  1. Do not place pictures of ancestors in Puja temple. It creates imbalanced energies which are not favorable to the family.
  2. The best location to place pictures of ancestors is the South West Corner or the South wall
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  3. If South West corner or the South wall is not available then placement can be done on the West wall.
  4. Make sure to place pictures of ancestors in such a way that it is not facing the Main Door or Entrance.
    It is not auspicious.

While doing tilak, use your Index Finger always.
Reason- As per Hindu Scriptures Index finger represents ancestors while Ring Finger represents God and Goddess


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When is Pitru Paksha in 2018?

  • Pitru Paksha is a period of 16 lunar days that starts from Purnima of Bhadra Month to the Amavasya of Ashwin Krishna Paksha.
  • During this period, we pay homage and offerings to our ancestors, which is known as ‘Shradh’ or Tarpan.
  • In 2018, Pitru Paksha begins from 24th September and Ends on 8th October.

  • ‘Pitra’ also known as ‘Pitru’ and this term used for our forefathers or ancestors who are now in ‘pitra yoni’ after death
  •  ‘Dosha’ means any mistake happened while performing a task.

Thus if there is any mistake while performing ‘Shradh’ or ‘Tarpan’, it turns into ‘Pitra Dosha’
As a result, brings sufferings and miseries in one’s life.

Now the question comes, How to recognize Pitra Dosha OR What are the Symptoms of Pitra Dosha?

  1. The prominent indicator- Miscarriages and No Progeny in the family
  2. Constant Sufferings to the Head of the Family
  3. Repeated death of the Pets in the family
  4. Failure in Studies and Career to the kids of the family
  5. Prolonged delay in marriage to the female members of the family
  6. Misunderstandings and Disagreements amongst the members of the family
  7. Unnatural or Unexpected Death in the family
  8. Fights at Workplace for no reason or Unnecessary Defamation at Workplace
  9. Continual Depression, Anxiety and Miseries to the family members

All these symptoms clearly indicate towards ‘Pitra Dosha’

There are two very important Days of ‘Pitru Paksha’

1. The First day of the ‘Pitru Paksha’- Purnima Day

2. The Last day of the ‘Pitru Paksha’ which is all ancestors' new moon day and also known as ‘Sarva Pitra Moksh Amavasya’ day

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Sarva Pitra Moksh Amavasya is also known as ‘Mahalaya Amavasya’ or ‘Mahalaya’
Mahalaya is the last day of Pitru Paksha and marks the beginning of the ‘Devi Paksha’.

On this day the Goddess Durga is believed to have descended to Earth.

This day falls on the 7th day before Durga Puja and it is celebrated with enthusiasm primarily in Bengal and Karnataka


PLEASE NOTE- Tarpan’ or ‘Shradh’ must be performed systematically and with correct procedures. It is advisable to perform ‘Shradh’ with the help of some Learned Scholar or a ‘Pandit’

So this Pitru Paksha, pay homage to your ancestors so that no sorrow or trouble befalls on the family, and peace prevails.
Also, wish you receive the Divine Blessings of your ancestors and remove all the hurdles from your life.

"Let us make future generations remember us as proud ancestors just as, today, we remember our forefathers"














posted Sep 20, 2018 by Team Vastu

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