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How to get rid of loans by vastu correction.

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posted Jan 22, 2016 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Vastu rules for finance will help one to have a good flow of money, following are few of them:

  1. North-east portion of house should be clean and de-cluttered. NE should have no septic and over-head tanks in this area. Clean NE portion enhance finance.
  2. Under-ground tank in North-east is good for finances.
  3. Entrance of house should not be obstructed by any thing like poles, vehicle, plant or wire.
  4. Avoid T junction house.
  5. Keep your finance in South-west portion which has opening towards North.
  6. Keep a small mirror in cash box to reflect money.
  7. There should be no leakage in taps as it indicates drain of money.
  8. Grow small plants in toilet as it triggers down unnecessary expenses.
  9. Main door of house should not make noise while opening/closing.
  10. Keep your doors and windows clean to maintain the flow of money.
answer Jan 22, 2016 by Mahesh Kumar
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If the house door is towards north-west North, this type of passage attract loans. As per Vastu, If you can alter the door from North-west North to North-east North side, this may solve your problems.

If Water sump or pits in North West corner, this sump may become a main reason for insolvency of the residents.

If there is a water sump/well in the west side of the house. This may also a reason for financial losses, generally financial losses creates loans to the residents.

Most of the times the water sump may also affect on health issues when it is towards West direction.

If there is a business or financial institution, then this water sump may inconsistently reflects bad effects on the property, also includes financially weaken the entire firm/individual/resident.

If the house is having more open space towards South, there is a chance for getting losses in business, so loan may raise. There are many other reasons behind loans/debts.

if North direction of the house is more elevated from the ground level of the inner house, then it causes more expenditures, loans.

Don't dump waste materials towards North side of the property, it may create losses and financially weaken the residents along with loans.

If the house is extended towards North-west north, in many cases this also leads to loans. This may also leads to court litigation, tension, if there is any south-east extension defects, then there is a chance for fire accidents, robbery, loss etc may happen.

Key Tips:
1. North-West North should not be extended.
2. Elevation towards South is good for wealth and financial support. The rooms which are constructed towards South direction should be more elevated than the North direction. The open land towards North and North-East should be more depressed than the South and South-west, it is good for financial suports to the residents.
3. If the water flows towards North direction, than it brings prosperity to the residents.
4. More open space towards North direction augurs well for finance.

answer Jan 23, 2016 by Nimesh Kumar
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