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Prayer- A Powerful contact with the Greatest Force in the Universe | Do’s and Don’ts for A Puja Room or Temple

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Do’s and Don’ts for A Puja Room or Temple

Prayers and meditation bring more positive energy and weaken negative energies and its influences. Puja room is a sacred room or a sacred space from where positive energy radiates and spreads in the entire house. Puja room is a room or space where all deities’ idols are kept. 


Now the question arises what things to know for Puja Mandir or Temple-

A. Which direction should we face while offering prayers to God?

  • Well, At home the pictures or idols of God should face West Direction and while offering prayers the person should face East direction. It is Excellent if you can maintain this direction, as per Vastu Shastra.
  • Avoid placing idols on the south wall of the temple.

B. Where to place Mandir or Temple?

If you place the Temple or Mandir in Northeast direction or the center of the house, automatically everything starts falling correctly.

  • The Second choice for Pooja Room or Mandir can be East or West Directions of the house.
  • Pooja Room or Temple should not be placed at the Southwest corner of the house

C. Is it okay to place a Puja Mandir /Temple in the kitchen?

  • Well, Vastu does not recommend Puja room in Kitchen. But, if there is no space for the Puja room, then you can place it in the North-East corner of the Kitchen.
  •  Make sure to close this area either by a curtain or some small division.

D. What Colors should be preferred for a Puja Room or Temple?

Well, the Colours in the Puja room can be white, yellow, light colors or light blue. 


1.   Do not keep a dustbin in a Pooja room.

2.   Never make a Puja Room under a staircase or in any store-room.

3.   Never make a Puja room or Pooja Temple near a toilet or below a toilet.

4.   Avoid placing deities or God’s idol in the South wall of the Puja Room.

5.   Avoid Puja Mandir or Temple in Bedroom. If in case no other space is there, try to place it in Northeast corner and cover with curtain after prayer.

6.   Don’t hide valuables or money in the Puja Room or Temple.

7.   Never keep torn images or broken idols in Puja temple. If you have a torn picture or broken idol remove immediately.

8.   Avoid placing dead people pictures in Puja room or Temple.

Conclusion- It is possible to turn negative into positive if you place everything at its correct location. 

Miracles happen every day, so never stop believing in God. However, there is no substitute for hard work. Work hard and walk with a belief towards your goals.

posted Sep 1, 2018 by Team Vastu

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Clock Tips, Vastu Tips, Vastu Shastra, Vastu Science, Vastu tips for clock

Powerful tips to know where to hang wall clocks- Wall clock Vastu. Time is an integral part of anyone’s life. Wall clocks are an important item in every household. Off late, with the trending fashion of designer wall clocks, more people are getting interested in hanging them wherever they find it convenient. The simple trick you should remember is that if you place them in the right place you will see positive changes happening in your life and placing them in the wrong place can attract the worst. Here are 21 Wall Clock Vastu Tips to know where and in which direction you should hang wall clock:


Wall clock Vastu, vastu tips, clock placement, clock placement

1. However, most of us, while hanging a clock doesn’t really pay much attention to where we are placing them. Our focus of attention remains on the comfort level on how we can easily know the time. But it is very important to keep few vastu tips in mind before hanging your wall clock.

2.    Hanging wall clocks keeping Vastu tips in mind results in positive energy floating in the house. Putting the clock in the wrong direction would certainly lead to wrong results.

3.    As per vastu, the wall clock should not be placed on a wall in the south direction of the building.

4.    Wall clock vastu says it should not be hanged over a door.

5.    Vastu suggests that the clock should be hanged on a wall in the east, west or north direction so that it is convenient to look at them while working and positivity is maintained in the house.

6.    Hanging a clock in North is believed to attract wealth and prosperity @Vastu Tips to Attract Wealth and Prosperity.

7.    As per Vastu, if the wall clock is placed far from the bed, it is good as the bedroom is the place where the maximum time is spent.

8. When it comes to the bedroom, the best place to hang the wall clock is to place it facing towards the East side.

9. As a vastu rule, for the bedroom, if the East isn’t available you could also pick the North direction

10. If one sleeps his head facing south direction, then the wall clock should be placed on the wall in the north direction only.

11. Remember, wall clocks or calendars should always be kept inside the building and remain in working condition. No clock should be in non-working condition.

12. If you have a clock which is not working, remove it immediately or repair it.

13.No clock should be behind real time, but if possible, they should be one-two minutes ahead of correct time so that there is no possibility of being late.

14. The glass of the clock should be intact and never cracked or broken.

15. The clock should be cleaned time-to-time. 

16. According to Vastu, if you have a pendulum clock it is good to bring positive sound vibrations.

17. Place pendulum wall clock in East direction.

18. Never keep clock behind the correct time.

19. Avoid pacing a clock that depicts negative energy or loneliness.

20. Make sure you clean clocks on a regular basis.

21. You can place a clock in the West, but that should be the last option.







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