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kamal gatte ki mala original Loutus Bead Garland Buy Online

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Pandit NM Shrimali Best Astrologer in India says, in ancient Shastras and Vedas, Goddess Lakshmi is revered with much importance. Kamal Gatta ki Mala is very dear and auspicious to Goddess Lakshmi. In all the parts of the Lotus, the seed of Lotus is the most dear to Goddess Lakshmi. If Kamal Gatta Mala is placed in house is it is considered as the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered very auspicious for the gain of wealth and riches. Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Lotus. One should bring Kamal Gatte ki Mala to appease Goddess Lakshmi. Pandit ji says, Goddess Lakshmi blesses the person with wealth and riches who wears Kamal Gatte ki mala. It is also helpful in meditation. If Kamal Gatte ki mala is used systematically with chanting of the mantras, it is sure to give enormous wealth and prosperity to the devotee. Shrimali ji says, it enables a person to have courage and knowledge to overcome the difficulties and obstacles faced by him in his life. It also provide tolerant power to the bearer and brings positivity and self control in life. Before wearing Kamal Gatte ki Mala one should meditate while keeping stone in the hand and we should remind us of the qualities that we want to integrate in it.

posted Aug 31, 2018 by Nidhi Shrimali

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