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From Vastu to Wi-Fi, BJP bolsters its offices for growth ahead of 2017 polls in UP

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It had a stupendous run in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, bagging 73 of the 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh. Now, with just a year to go before the politically crucial state goes to polls, BJP is leaving no stone unturned to gain power.

While BJP leaders are waging a battle against the ruling dispensation, labourers are busy giving the party’s state headquarters in Lucknow a massive makeover incorporating elements of ‘Vastu Shastra’ in the design “to draw positive energy for growth”. The party has also decided to build similar buildings of comparatively smaller size in every district before the Assembly polls.

According to sources, three sides of the building, will have covering of reflective glasses with aluminium composite panels of green and saffron colours. Both the colours are in party’s flag and are considered lucky from Vastu’s point of view, claim party leaders.

The built up area of the office building would be around 25,000 sq feet. As use of glass is being done at large scale in the building, the height of the campus boundary wall is being raised by two feet. Workers of a political party had pelted stones and damaged glass structures at BJP office in 2014.

The entrance to different cabins and offices inside the building now have glass doors giving it a look of a corporate office. Also, the entire campus has been provided with Wi-Fi connectivity. Metal chairs and well-designed furniture have replaced the old wooden ones.

The tables for every office bearer is being equipped with connectivity for internet, computer point and sockets for operating telephones. The capacity of 225-seat main hall, that was used for party’ meetings and press conferences, is being enhanced to 400 seats. A parking lot with capacity to park 40 cars is being developed while LED lights will be installed inside the campus and solar lights will be used at outer boundary walls.

There will be separate lounge for the media persons while two other rooms for party’s spokespersons are coming up.

The IT cell of the party is also being upgraded as 70 desktops will be installed for the call centre of 20 persons, social media room of 15 persons and a video conferencing hall with a capacity of 30 people. Video conferencing rooms will be used for meetings with party leaders in Delhi and in different districts.

A library will also be set up on the first floor of the main building.

A separate election management room with three cabins is also being set up. Party leaders and staff related to poll monitoring and management during the Assembly elections will be provided seating space and other infrastructure like computers there. At least 24 CCTV cameras have already been installed on the campus. At least 150 phones on 30 connections will operate on the entire campus.

While giving a corporate look to the old building, the party has also considered Vastu Shastra. Party sources said, the senior leaders have decided to close the old main entrance of the office in front of Vidhan Bhawan, which was in South-East and was “unlucky” as per Vastu. Now, the main entrance will be on Municipal Corporation Road, that faces Noth-East.

Interior designer Rahul Raj Rastogi, who has designed the office building and is also looking after the civil work said, “The work is being done under the guidance of state general secretary (organisation) Sunil Bansal. While giving a corporate and smart look to the office building, arrangements inside have been made according to Vastu.”

Rastogi, also a member of BJP’s youth wing state executive, said that new office building in every district will have common design with use of reflective glasses. These offices, to come up on around 2,000 sq feet area, will sports white and saffron colours.

Party MLA from Bareilly Cantonment Rajesh Agrawal, who is also treasurer of the party state unit and member of ‘Nirman Samiti’ , said, “The state headquarters building is being given a new look to provide a better working atmosphere to party workers. With same idea, party offices will be built in every district. The target is to have an office with all facilities in all 90 district units before 2017 Assembly polls,” Agrawal said.

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posted Jan 8, 2016 by Hanuman Vastu

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