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Vastu Recommendations to Transform Your Home into your Dream Place

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 It is very important to make Drawing Room as per vastu. Drawing Room or Living Room-  A place where you meet with outside people friends, relatives and your guests. It is a Place where most of our Happy moments are shared, so make sure it is Vastu Compliant too.

Easy Effective Vastu Tips for Drawing Room/ Living Room:


  1.  The best possible direction for a Drawing room is East, North or Northwest.
  2.  A Drawing room in the North brings lot of wealth and good health for the family.
  3. Windows in the East and North directions of the Drawing room are beneficial to bring in positivism.
  4. Sofa sets should be placed against South or West walls
  5. Avoid the placement of chandelier in the exact center as this is the Brahmsthan.
  6. Decorate the Drawing room with paintings depicting beauty to generate positive energy
  7. Make sure that drawing room is well lit, ventilated and spacious. 8. the furniture in the drawing room should be square or rectangular in shape.


Seating Arrangement In The Living Room

  1. The head of the family or house and his life partner must sit in the southwestern corner of the living room, facing north-east or east. This ensures strength and positivism.
  2. The guests must always be seated in the southeast or northwest. 
  3. The seating for the guests must be done in such a way that they face west or south.
  4. Also as per vastu for house, there must be more open space in the eastern and northern corners

Color Selection for Drawing Room/ Living Room:


  1. According to Vastu Shastra the suitable color for living room is pink,light yellow and sky blue.
  2. A green scenery on northern wall and a yellow flowerpot with multiple color flower's should be kept at the middle of living room.


posted Aug 16, 2018 by Suhail

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The living room is very important to us no matter if we have a modern type or ancestral or traditional type of home. The living room is the place for the social gathering of family members where they sit together and enjoy spending quality time.

As per Vastu Shastra, the living room brings in positive energy that will attract wealth, happiness and prosperity all that is required for our living.

The living room has several important aspects as this is the place where we socialize with guests, friends, or relatives.  It is also a place where family members together watch TV, movies and assemble for family discussions.

Here are few tips as to how good to construct a living room:

1. The living room has to be constructed in East direction or North. A living room is considered very good for health and wealth if it is constructed in the North direction.

2. Living room in the North West direction is also good, and this is the place for “Air” element.

3. Avoid living room in the Southwest direction. In case the living room is constructed in this direction, you may feel difficult to manage the relationship. This place is good for Master Bedroom and not for a living room.

4. Always the living room area (the floor) should slope towards an East direction or North direction.

5. Living room door if placed in either East or North are good as they bring wealth and overall harmony with family members

6. Living room in the South entrance is considered inauspicious.

7. Place the TV in the Southeast corner

8. The northeast corner of the living area should be always clean and clutter free.



We all understand that the purpose of Vastu Shastra is to live in harmony with nature. Every room has its own significance and importance. Here are a few tips shared on how to design a drawing room:

1. Unlike the living room, the drawing room should be placed in the North or East direction as this direction gets morning sunlight which brings positive energy.

2. Care should be taken to place the door of the drawing room. The door has to be in the East or West direction.

3. Heavy furniture or decorative items have to be placed in the west or south direction

4. Furniture should be in the shape of a square or rectangular. Avoid circular or triangular or oval-shaped furniture.

5. If a fireplace is designed for the drawing room, then it should be placed in the Southeast part of the room.

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Colors play a significant influence on the inmates of a home.  It is a proven fact that colors have a great psychological influence on people. Colors do have an effect in balancing our body, mind and spirit. A home is a place where people spend their major part of life. Colors in line with Vastu Shastra attract healing energy into your living space. Colors stimulate unique emotions in people’s life, career, decision, love, compassion, belongingness… and the list is endless. Hence it is important to have the right colors to match the interiors of the home so that it helps people to feel fresh, energetic, strong and live a healthy life.


Colors for your home, as per direction

 “While each direction has a specific color, at times, it may still not suit the owner. Therefore, homeowners should adhere to the general guidelines for colors as per Vastu Shastra, which details the following key points:

  • North-east – Light blue.
  • East – White or light blue.
  • South-east – As this direction is associated with fire, orange, pink and silver colors can be used to enhance the energy.
  • North – Green, pista green.
  • North-west – This area is related to air. So, white, light grey and cream are the best colors.
  • West – It is the place of ‘Varun’ (i.e., water). So, the best colors are blue or white.
  • South-west – Peach, mud color, biscuit color or light brown.
  • South – Red and yellow.

Color guidelines to your home section

Experts point out that each section of your home, requires colors as per its energy requirement, size and direction. The color requirement of your home section should be as per its usage. Here are few tips:

Master bedroom: Ideally, the master bedroom should be in a south-west direction and hence, should be painted with blue color.

Guest room/ drawing room: North-west is the best place for the guest room/ drawing room and hence, a guest room in this direction should be painted with white color.

Kids’ room: North-west is the best place for rooms for children who are grown up and go out for study purposes. As the north-west direction is governed by the moon, hence, children’s rooms in this direction should be painted with, shades of Green, shades of light yellow or White color.

Kitchen: The south-east zone is ideal for kitchens and hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with Brick orange, Light Scarlet red, Brown, Woody Green or Saffron Orange.

Bathroom: North-west is the best place for bathroom and hence, the bathroom should be painted with white color.

Hall/Living Room: Ideally, the hall should be in the north-east or north-west direction and hence, should be painted yellow, cream, light pink or floral white. Fittings and furnishings in the living room should be in colors that contrast with the primary hues of the room. Cushions, curtains, and bolsters in streaks of gold, shares of turquoise and bright pink will fill the living room with fresh energy.

Dining Room: The best direction for the dining area to be situated in is the East or South-east.

Ideal colors that complement the dining space:

a)     Peach (one of the colors of healing)

b)     Saffron (associated with devotion)

c)      Light orange (fosters creativity, happiness and joy)

d)     Yellow (the color or honor and enlightenment)

Home exterior color: The exterior color of the house, should be based on its owners. Colors, such as yellowish-white or off-white or light mauve or orange as these colors ideally suits people of all Rashis/ Zodiacs”

 Colors that you should avoid in your home

Experts suggest that light shades are always good. Dark shades like red, brown, gray and black may not suit everyone, as they represent some of the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars and Sun. “Red, deep yellow and black should be avoided. Generally, theses colors have high intensity and it may disturb the energy pattern inside your house,” cautions Vastu experts.

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