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Latest list of Do's and Don'ts for South East Bathroom

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Toilet and bathroom are a major source of negative energy and if these are not built as per rules, troubles will invade your home. Loss of finance, tensions, stress, worries, problem in marital life which are major common disturbances in our daily life. So check out the Latest list of Do's and Don'ts for Vastu Compliant toilet and bathroom in your home.

South East Bathroom Solution, Vastu  Remedies for South East Toilet

Do's For Vastu Compliant Bathroom -

  1. If the bathroom is placed in Southeast direction, place vastu pyramid on South and East outside walls of the toilet.

  2. Don’t forget to keep the door of the toilet closed at all times.

  3. North-South axis is the best to place water closet (commode)

  4. While using the commode, the person should never face East or West.

  5. While doing a home plan always bear in mind to construct a toilet about 2 feet higher than the ground level

  6. Sloping of the floor in bathrooms should be always towards East or North

  7. Light colours are always ideal to colour the walls of on either East or West wall



  1. Never place the water closet in toilet above or under pooja room, kitchen or bedroom

  2. Avoid constructing the toilet  in the middle of the house, North East or South West corners of the house

  3. Never construct an attached toilet South-east or South West corner.

  4. Septic tank should never be planned or constructed on the South side of toilet

  5. Water should not be stored in the south-east or south-west direction in the toilet.

As many are already aware that in Vastu Shastra, South East direction is considered the direction of “Fire” element

  • Best location for a toilet or bathroom is the North-West part of the home (not the North-West corner).
  • The Second best location is the North-East part and not the North-East corner, and the South-West part leaving the South-West corner.



posted Aug 9 by Garima Rima

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With the fast pace of life, it is practically impossible to build a house 100 percent Vastu compliant. Since we cannot change the exteriors of the house, thus it is very important to make some changes in the interiors. A Vastu Dosha can be corrected by placing some charged objects or regulators.
As per Vastu Expert Ashish Jain, there are some useful and beneficial remedies if you have Vastu dosha in the South East directions.
 Let’s see what are the implications and remedies if you have South East vastu dosha or defects:
South East, Implications and solutions, Vastu Tips, Vastu Remedies

Problem- If you have Bedroom in South East, it leads to a stressed relationship between the couples and may even lead to divorce.
Vastu Solution
1. If you have bedroom in the South East direction, it is better to replace or shift it. But somehow if it is not possible then you can use the remedy for the same

2. Remedy for South East bedroom- Keep the bed in south West corner of the room and make sure the bed is not touching any wall of the room

3. Keep your head towards South when you sleep

Problem- If you have Toilet in the South East, it is considered to be very inauspicious and may cause financial losses, anxiety and depression issues
Vastu Solution-

1. Keep the toilet closed after every use.

2. Place Pyramid on the South and East walls of the toilet from outside. For better understanding on how to install pyramids please take the advice of a vastu expert.

Problem- If you have Main Door Entrance in South East, it may lead to some unwanted difficulties and complications in your life.

Vastu Solution

  1. Place 3 pyramids on these three places. One at the top center of the main door. And one each on either side.
  2. You can also place a Trishakti Sticker or image that includes Om, Swastik and Trishul.

Energy Balancing and remedies must be done under the supervision of Vastu experts for vastu dosha or vastu defects.





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