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More Sales & More Business with Vastu- 15 South Facing Shop Vastu Suggestions

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There are many cases when people have followed vastu suggestions for South facing shop and got benefited. If you have a South Facing shop, then you can make a few changes to get maximum benefits in the business. Here are 15 Easy Vastu tips for a South Facing Shop-

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  1. Make sure there no blockades or roadblocks on the road outside your Southwest facing shop. Make sure there is a smooth road in front of your shop.

  2. If there is any drainage system in front of your shop, please make sure to close it. Try to close drainage with red blocks or red stones

  3. Make sure Southeast corner to Southwest corner outside area is clean always to ensure smooth growth in the business.

  4. For more benefits in business, never sprinkle water outside your shop in these areas- Southeast and Southwest. Also, make sure no water is flowing in these areas, as a result, less wastage of money will be there.

  5. Check the shutter of your shop also. Make sure it is not broken or there is no rust on it. Paint the shutter in red color or red oxide primer. You can also color it in maroon.

  6. The electric meter should be placed in Southeast corner. Similarly, inverter or generator should also be placed in South East. Avoid placing these items in South West, this will bring irritation and unnecessary clashes in the shop and workers.

  7. Southwest facing shop place temple which is lightweight and God images or idols should also be small in size.

  8. Drinking water must be placed in the area from Northeast to North direction. Don’t place it in South West

  9. Owner of the shop should sit in Southwest and entrance should be in the area between South and Southeast. This will improve your sales and your prestige too

  10. The second best sitting position for the owner is in West of South West or West. This will also improve the overall sales.

  11. Heavy objects should never be placed on the East wall. Shift it to the West wall.

  12. The racks of showcases should be in the South and West of the shop.

  13. While sitting the customer should face the West or South and the owner or Salesman should face the East or North.

  14. The owner or the Salesman or the accountant’s seat should not be under a beam.

  15. The goods to be sold immediately should be kept along the North in the NorthWest corner.


posted Aug 4, 2018 by Team Vastu

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