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Vastu Sitting Arrangements for different professions- Office Vastu for Success and Growth

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Office Vastu plays a major role in your Growth and Success. Sitting arrangements vary for the different profession. Every office Workstation direction plays an important role. Hard work is essential to succeed in any job or business. But there are different parameters to know which sitting positions work for which profession. Here are some best vastu checklist for sitting arrangements:


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If you are a Senior Managers-
Senior Managers play a crucial role in any organization. They are the mind behind the growth of any organization. Thus it is very important for you to sit in Northeast zone. Try to face West direction as this will help you focus more, plan better and more efficient.

For Managers -

Managers are the backbones of any organization as they generate new ideas and implement new strategies and plans for the overall growth of an organization. If you are a Manager, try to sit in the West Vastu zone. You should face east for more concentration and positive energy.

For Marketing Professionals-

If you are a Marketing professional, South Vastu zone is very beneficial. They must sit facing the North, this will help them in bringing more business and opportunities.

For Salesperson-

If you are a Salesperson you must sit in the East Vastu zone. The sitting arrangement should be such that you should face West. This will help you to generate more revenue and sales.

If you are in the Creative department-

for a  Creative department professional, you need lots of concentration and artistic inclination. Vastu recommends you to sit in a Southwest or West-SouthWest zone. You should sit facing East to enhance creativity and focus.

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posted Aug 3, 2018 by Team Vastu

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 Make your office Vastu friendly to gain finance and success in your office or business. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian planning principle mainly used in interior design and architecture. Here are some Vastu tips to improve energy level in the working environment

Office Vastu Tips- Decoding the Mysteries for You | Office Vastu Dekho

    To bring good fortune and prosperity, office building should be North facing or Northeast or northwest facing.

    • The office in a public place is always more beneficial and should be at a place surrounded by running roads to gain prosperity.
    • The Main door or the entrance door of the office building should be in East/North direction. Remove any obstacles in front of the main door. It should be clutter free.
    • The central part of the office building should be kept empty.
    • Never build toilet in Northwest zone as it will hamper the financial support. White horses image/ painting can be placed in Northeast direction for better financial support.
    • For smoother process of payments or business, do not paint the North Zone in pink or red. Similarly, avoid Blue colour should be avoided in Southeast zone.  
    • The interiors of the office should be vibrant and bright. Bright colors bring positivity and reflect light in all directions. If office walls are painted in dark shades it brings negativity and is considered to be a barrier to the success.
    • The reception area should be placed facing the Northeast direction. Since reception is the area where visitor or employees pay a visit, so it is advisable to place idol/ image of God here. The receptionist should face either East or North direction.
    • Avoid South East, North East or East direction for toilet. Washroom or toilet should be in West or Northwest direction.
    • Office vastu recommends accounts department should be in the South Eastern zone and Conference room in the Northwest direction.
    • All important documents or papers should be placed in a cupboard that faces the Southwest direction.
    • If there is a temple in the office, construct it in the Northeast.
    • The owner or MD should have a rectangular table. The owner of the office should face North while dealing with the clients.
    • Managerial or high-level people should sit in Southern or Western portion so that they must face North or East while sitting in office.
    • Vastu for Office Desk-
    1. Avoid keeping idols of deities or God on your desk. God is a Supreme power and should be kept at a separate place from day to day things.
    2. Avoid keeping Magazines or Reading Books on your desk.
    3. Keep your office table clean always to bring good luck and keep it organized always.



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