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How to decorate your house using Vastu guidelines

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Add much sparkle and zest to your house using Vastu tips

Naturally, you want a bright, happy home! In there, comfort, warmth, beautiful decorations and great ambience should radiate a heartening glow. The Panchtattva (Five Elements) Theory and energies of the 16 MahaVastu zones together can give you all this plus a great life. Use the ancient wisdom of the Vastu Shastra to learn the use of colours, artefacts; even plants to beautify and raise house energy levels.

In the northern zones, blue, green, black and white colours are suitable, while in the southern zones, red and green bring in healthy Fire energy. The western zones are dominated by white and cream shades, and the eastern zone by brown, green and white. For example, in the North-East zone, the use of the cream colour is good. You must ensure that the kitchen, toilet, sink, dustbin or broom is not in this zone. It can erode mental and physical health. Avoid placing plants here; instead a picture/statue of Buddha here will fill your house with peace. In the North zone, for a fresh atmosphere, place flowers in a green flower vase, or a money plant in a blue vase—it will increase money flow.

If you have a good main entrance, then decoration will enhance its energy-attracting quality further. If not, a simple Vastu consultation will help you correct it with a simple Vastu remedy. In case you wish to use rangoli as decoration, a few tips follow. For a North zone entrance, avoid using red, purple and orange colours and triangular designs. Use blue colour and a wavy design and keep your wealth, prosperity and opportunities intact. In the South zone entrance, blue colour could affect your security, so use shades of red, orange and purple and triangular designs.

If you are using mirrors to extend a missing or cut Vastu zone, then it is all right. However, for decorative purposes, a mirror's location should be carefully decided as it extends whichever zone it is in. The mirror frame should be of the colour of the zone it is in. In southern and western zones, it will dilute the zones' strengths, but is all right in the North and East.

In the West Vastu zone, not only will a village scene look nice, it will also increase your capital and gains. In the South-West Vastu zone, place all your family photographs in golden yellow frames for wonderful relationships. Avoid red and blue colours here—these will negatively impact money flow, skills and relationships.

Avoid using gods merely as decoration; ensure you pay them appropriate homage. You can place them in their respective zones. For instance, Lakshmi ji should be in the North. However, a common temple can be placed in West zone. Many animals (sculptures) which are Vastu remedies are also highly decorative. A tortoise in the house centre facing North ensures stability and gives patient strength. Ask your MahaVastu Expert for further guidance on these choices.

Enjoy your life! Glow with joyful pride at having a beautiful home!

More information can be found in the below link

posted Dec 26, 2015 by Hanuman Vastu

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