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Venus Entering Virgo- Good or Bad for You?

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Venus is entering in Virgo on 1st August 2018 and will remain there till 1st September’18. Venus is the 6th planet out of nine planets and it is considered that it is the Lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac. 
In Vedic astrology, Venus is considered as a planet that brings positive results. It is associated with art, love, material pleasures and life partner, but at the same time, it brings Bad effects too. Let's talk about how this Venus Transit is going to impact your life:

Venus Transit, Venus in Virgo, Auspicious timing

Venus in Virgo & its Impact on your life-

  1. Venus is very important as it represents marriage and conjugal relationships.

  2. Venus also brings comfort and luxuries.

  3. Venus brings wealth and material prosperity in your life. But at the same time, Venus brings more material aspects than the spiritual attributes.

  4. When Venus is in Virgo, it brings positive results, but at the same time brings some negative and adverse effects for some zodiacs.

Know how this transit is impacting your life as per your zodiac:

  • For Aries- Not a Good time. Opponents will try to harm you. You may get attracted to opposite sex, avoid making relationship outside your marriage. Avoid arguments as well with your partner as this may lead to even worsen your relationship. Avoid traveling to other places as this time is inauspicious for you.

  • For Taurus- This is a Good time very you. Your finance will gain this period. People looking for a job will get some good offers. A great time for Love as well can be seen. If you are planning for a baby this is a good time. If you are a student, your performance will also get improved with positive results.

  • For Gemini- Good time for economic gains. Relatives will be helpful. Long waited desires will be fulfilled. You are advised to avoid any property or vehicle purchase in this period. You may get troubled by some mental stress. Try to keep good relations with your children.

  • For Cancer- This is a Good time for you in all aspects. Your respect will increase in society. Your number of friends will also be increased. You will indulge more in social work and charity. Your colleagues will be more helpful to you. All good signs are there, EXCEPT your relation with your sister or friend. Take a little care during this period to avoid confrontations.

  • For Leo- Wonderful time if you are married. Good news can come. If you have an interest in art and music, this is a favorable period. If you are a student you will get positive results. On the other hand, some loss of wealth can also be seen. If you are in a business, some loss you may get so be cautious.

  • For Virgo- Since Venus is entering Virgo, this is very Lucky time for you. Enemies will be defeated and business will grow. You may get attracted to the opposite sex also in this period. If you are married, you may start planning. Business Growth is also seen. Make sure to consult elders before taking any important decisions.

  • For Libra- Spend wisely as some extra expenses are seen. Good time for creative people. In work, long-distance travel can come. However, you may be cheated by your own friend or your original work and idea can be stolen. So it is advisable for you to keep calm at work.

  • For Scorpio- Not a good time. Be cautious while spending money as some losses are seen. Avoid stress as it may dominate you. If you are in a relationship some misunderstandings can be seen so avoid arguments. Increase in expenses can also be seen. If you are in a business, be cautious

  • For Sagittarius- Not a good period. You may face stress during this period. This time is not favorable for romantic life as well. in business also you may face loss. it is advisable to avoid any arguments and stay calm. also, respect every woman. Do take good care of your health.
  • For Capricorn- opportunities for new jobs can come. Spouse and friends support will be there. Travel will be beneficial for you. You can get benefit from any Government plan. Your fame in society will increase. But, you will be irritated in this period for no reasons.

  • For Aquarius- Alert yourself and be cautious in this period. There may be some sensual thoughts in mind so be cautious on that part. Be careful while driving or traveling. It is advisable for you to be polite with everyone and avoid any sort of arguments in this period.

  • For Pisces- Some kind of disturbance in married life can be seen. Take good care of your health. This transition period requires hard work from your end to achieve success. Travel is okay but avoid long distance trips.

Conclusion- It is always advisable to get the most of the benefits if the time is favorable for you and at the same time be cautious enough to avoid any adverse situation if the time is not in favor for you.


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posted Aug 1 by Garima Rima

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