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How many chakras are there in our body ?

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posted Jul 24, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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There are seven chakras in our body in 7 colors and each chakras are their own
Functioning system. The health of the person depends on chakras only.
Right from the top:
1.Sahasrahara - violet color
2. Agna - Indigo color
3. Vishukdi - Blue
4. Anagatha - Green
5. Manipuraka - yellow
6. Swathishtana - orange
7. Mooladara - Red
And there 72,000 nadis are passing through this chakras.  Any block in the chakras it will affect our body system.
It is very important to balance our chakras to maintain the mind & body energy level.
answer Jul 24, 2018 by S.rajahgopaal