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Is Vastu really relevant or just a myth?

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Is Vastu really relevant or just a myth?

posted Jul 4, 2018 by Piintoo Dhar

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2 Answers

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Vassthu is nothing but Balance the Energy. Also it is  science. Where ever the energy is good your can perform very well. If the energy is less or negative the perfomance in our routine and official life will not be good. The same concept will applicable to our human body function system.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu. Cosmic divine energy consultant
answer Jul 4, 2018 by S.rajahgopaal
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For Ex: My dear friend and hello friend has a difference am I is vaasthu..OK.

Now comming to the point   people of olden day  ue to construct or epitome weekly predominants based on a theory   that shows Light entering ones place of stay  from morninfg till evening   as there was no Electricity... likewise  the movement of sun ... Moon and stars too brought  some gradual experimented practicallity in the place of  living  that was subject to 5 elements as well as fren of momentum of  earths orbit in according to seasons too..ok

All together when valued and mathematically proved from the  readers and Valid reasons ( for example stars align in geo-metric connectivity only which is  visible for a naked eye  ) . like wise the men of Wise and grand masters - Practical theory started ploughing in and balanced the equilibrium of many an Statistic notions ( constuction //.Astrnomy // Ideology  ( science ... Arts... Mathematics etc  ) to  its Core.. ok.   so its not a's valid and valuable theory with Practcal statistics only  ok...

But the pity is that time people were mere wanderers or Nomadic adventures   so to make them understand in a way in according to their innerv thpoughts all the  so called catapulated/ manipulated stories emerged  and even today many so called vaasthu experts  preach the superstitious nurture than the Positive/ optimistc embargo...ok..(n  to be frank   colour of soil has nothing to do but  its  Nature has  (   such as its Hardness,,.  Thickness   Mxture ...Stone possesion  ... Sticking ability with water...and smell  of it is important )   ok.. even today Mud constructed houses will stand  for 300 years w/o mainatainance  if constructed as per seasonal...enviro factors  biased and based of  light momentum with that of seasonal outcome in a particular area or thy spot of  land  Statistics  ok..   sk/Indian


answer Jul 7, 2018 by Sunil Kumar Menon