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Hoe can I stop the outflow of money

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posted Jul 3 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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to stop this you need to avoid unnecessary wastage of  water in north west side, for better result take personalised consultation so that we can analyse & advice you.


answer Jul 3 by Arvind Murthy
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There are much other reasons for huge expenditure, uncontrol expenditure. Debts causes etc.  Few points i will give you for ref.
Extension in north west
Wrong pkacement of safety locker, cupboards
Kitchen in the North East
More open space in the south other than North & East.
The height of floor is higher in the North East.
It is advised that you can contact vastudekho to get personalised vasthu consultation so that it helps identify the reason and solution for you.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
answer Jul 3 by S.rajahgopaal