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Keeping crystals in home good or bad?

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Crystals are of the biggest gift from nature. If you use it wisely it will bring positive changes to your life. For specific crystals, there are different place as per Vastu and you should consult a Vastu expert before placing crystals in any direction. Crystals are very important in our life and these are transparent stones that represent Earth element and increases the power of positive energy. Crystals are also known as ‘Sphatik’. It is a Greek version of the word “Krystallos” which represents ice. Crystals also have healing power too. Crystals are well acknowledged for their healing properties and spiritual power.

How to use crystals?

  1. First of all, consult a proper Vastu expert before using crystals. 
  2. Crystals should be treated with care. Put the crystal in the ground overnight to clear any negative energy. 
  3. You can place the crystal in running water also to remove the negativity, but sure your crystal is not water-soluble.
  4. Moonlight and sunlight can also be used to cleanse your crystals. Moonlight is also preferable.
  5. Make sure your crystal is not dull looking as it is not good and reduces its efficiency.
  6. If someone touches your crystal, then make sure to cleanse it remove any negativity.
posted Jun 30 by Garima Rima

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Vastu Crystals are transparent stones which represent energy of Earth element, believed to exaggerate positive energy.  Many people use these crystals as a most common remedy to make few corrections in their surroundings and to keep away the negative vibes. Indians believe that placing a crystal at home will create stable and relaxed life as it has Healing power and the colossal effect on person both physically and mentally. This object of power is very popular among Indians and many are using and brightening their home and life by solving their physical and mental problems for centuries.

There are different Vastu Crystals like aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, Coral, Gold tiger eye, Hematite, Malachite, Red Jasper, Rose quartz and many others. To get the desired effect, these crystals should be placed in a proper direction according to Vastu Shastra. In Vastu, each crystal has its specific property and effect. The Vastu crystals can be found with variety of ethnic stones which are used to cure and Energise the home by generating its spiritual support.

Which color crystal should use? :   It’s not only the shape and size effects the cure, the color of the crystal also matters. To improve you creativeness make use of clear and white quartz crystal and to perk up the romance in your life make use of purple amethyst and a rose quartz.Directions to enhance Wealth, Peace, Career and Success.

Amethyst: To motivate your children or to manage your stress and tight schedules place amethyst in the West of your home. This can be used in any room on a desk.

Aquamarine: To bring peace, tranquility and calm at home make use of blue stone Aquamarine as it drive away negative thoughts and anxiety.

Citrine: Place Citrine in the South East portion of Your home to enhance your wealth, this crystal can also be placed on the top of your cash box or in the wallet. While making some important decisions, place this crystal on a table as it stimulates clarity in decision and enhances receptivity, communicative abilities and organization skills.

Clear Quartz: If you wish to improve career prospects and needs clarification and focus over the issues, place Clear quartz on study tables, work tables and bed sides of your home. Placing Clear quartz in study room or reading room or at a window of your office in home will encourage decision making and boost your earning capacity.  

Quartz Pyramid:To achieve any raises and promotions, place a clear quartz pyramid in the south portion of your home. This is also used to achieve fame and reputation.

Coral: The usage of simple stone coral which came out from the sea will help you to reduce the worries of your family members in your home.

Gold Tiger eye: Crystal analysts recommend gold tiger for family well being and delight; this also increases the protection and support one who needs in your family. To be very effective place gold tiger eye crystal in the east of your home and can be used in every home.

Moonstone: The couple who are trying for children’s can place this moonstone in their home. Mainly this can be used to enhance richness.

Malachite: This crystal is used to break danger and disaster; this can also be used in your home to open up emotions. This frequency helps to further patience, physical stamina, inner peace and many.

Carnelian: Usually these crystals are used for improving knowledge. Place Nine crystals in a bowl in the North East portion of your home to improve children’s ability and placing a bowl in North Eastern portion or a side of study room while studying will improve memory power of the children.

Red Jasper: One who need abstruse help for their thoughts and ideas and who are trying to turn their imagination into reality, it is recommended to use opaque crystal with deep terracotta color.

Rose Quartz: This ideal crystal is popularly known for fostering relationships. To ensure a healthy relationship with the partners or to invite romantic proposal and to represent unconditional love place a large Rose Quartz crystal or heart shape crystal in the south west corner of your home. To invoke love, some people also wear this crystal as a pendant. It is highly recommended to display in bedrooms.

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In today’s busy world we all are running a rat race. A race where we have no time to evaluate what’s good or bad for us. We bring vastu products from the market without knowing its impact on our lives and place it anywhere.

Here are some effective Vastu tips that our Vastu Expert Mr. Arvind Murthy has beautifully explained on what points to consider before placing any Vastu products or Items and its impact on our life:

                                                                                             Vastu Tips, Vastu Remedies, Expert Advice, Right Direction

  1. Pyramids:

If the head of the family is not able to prosper then use pyramids in Northeast corner. Pyramids should be used inside and outside to repel negative energy and attract positive energy.

Pyramids are so powerful that it helps you to fulfil your wishes and result in achieving your dreams. When Pyramids are used wisely, it gives you benefit and desired results within a month.

2. Mirrors:

Don't keep mirrors in front of the main door it repels both negative & positive.

Avoid mirrors in the bedroom that to facing the bed. Your image shouldn’t reflect while sleeping.

3. Main Door Kit:

This is a Very powerful Vastu Remedy and must be used only after energizing by a Vastu expert

4. Lord Shiva Picture with Trishul: 
If there is any patient in the home, place Lord Shiva photo with Trishul on the South wall. This wards off all the negativity and helps the patient for faster recovery.

Fountain should be installed in the North section of the house.

Don’t place any fountain in the bedroom, this will destroy the harmony among the couples.

Metallic fountains are best to use. If you have an earthen or wooden fountain, put some coins. 

Energy Balancing and remedies must be done under the supervision of Vastu experts for Love, Peace and Intimacy! Call 011-39585123 or 9341367799 for Personalized Consultation


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