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Could you please evaluate my plan for vastu compliance.

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Dear Sir,

Could you please evaluate my WEST facing house floor plan  for vastu compliance.

Kindly offer comments.

posted Jun 7, 2018 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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First see if  thy west side  is  in height to that of east and north.   2. see which side of the water is flowing if you are cleaning the house both in/out ok. ( waste Water should flow towards north-east)   3. parking plot should not over cross north wall..if so place small mirror at the edge of the n corner.. also always park thy vehicle  steering/ handle facing west only..  4.see that thy steps are at the start climbing towards north.. if not at the tress pass corners pot-out  trees of   flowers.  5,Inside drawing room at the north window plant any creepng tree and at the centere an aquarium containing 2*Gold fishes,  6.try to place sofas facing east  or west ..alspo keep in mind Tv either should be  facing north  west side ok.. 7. if thy dining table is round  just place a glass of square at the centere and  put some rock salt in it and do not use it..always keep that  glass and salt fresh every 4 days..8. see that thy beds do not object / layin at entrance doors  of the same room..  9. always light a green lamp in the pooja room.. also see that  as and when you people have food .. the pooja room ent is covered with a yellow cloth..

answer Jun 7, 2018 by Sunil Kumar Menon
Thank you very much for promptly responding. I am thankful to you.
Hey thats alright  namasthey and
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Pl get personalised vasthu consultation to know more about your house.
It needs detail study. Hence it is better to get complete report with reasonable charges.
Pl contact vastu community in this regard.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
Ph - 011- 39585123
Mail -
answer Jun 8, 2018 by S.rajahgopaal
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plz upload on my behalf of Flat No.4 I want to ask whether it is Vastu complaint?

This Question is on behalf of Piyush Jain, member of Vastu Community and sent us a direct email and requested us to upload this plan so community can check and critically review the plan from Vastu point of view.

enter image description here

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