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Vastu Tips for Good Fortune and Positive Energy

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The positive energy created in a home according to vastu leads to Positive outlook and good fortune

Here are few vastu tips to bring positivity:

Make sure your doorway is cleaned on daily basis. A clean doorway removes negativity from entering your home.

Keep a bowl of sea salt or rock salt in every corner of your home. Salt will absorb negativity from all the corners of your home. Similarly, keep a lemon in water in your home to remove negativity. Make sure you change the water every Saturday.

Light camphor daily to remove negativity from your house. Also place some incense sticks/ dhoop to bring positivity.

Remove all the broken, unused or unwanted things from your place as this brings negativity to your house.

Try to have sunlight entering your house as Sunrays are very helpful to bring in positivity to your house.

Avoid placing any fountain or any other water centric decorative outside the main door of your house. Decorate the main door of the house with auspicious torans or beautiful nameplates. Also, ensure the main door of your house must open in the clockwise direction.

Try to have one dedicated room for meditation and prayers as this will bring positivity and ensures spiritual growth.

Keep entrance of your home enticingly gorgeous to attract positivity. Ensure no window or door is exactly opposite to the main door as in this case the incoming positivity will go out.

Placing Temple bells or Wind chimes break the negativity. Play temple bells or ‘Ghanti’ daily morning and place one wind chime outside to break the negativity.










posted Jun 5, 2018 by Garima Rima

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To earn more money your aim should be to please Lord Kuber by following these SmartVastuu tips Yes, that’s true! As per Vastu Shastra experts, Lord Kuber is the God of Wealth and it is very important to please him. Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi love a place which is as per Vastu Shastra. So if you wish to receive Lord Kuber blessings then follow these very effective Vastu tips. These quick and effective Vastu Shastra guidelines help you to earn more money and become rich. 

Earn More Money, Rich, Money, Vastu, Vastu Shastra



  1. Place the cash almirah or locker in the Southwest or South wall so that it opens in the North. This is the direction of Lord Kuber. It is believed that Lord Kuber refills the cash almirah so this is how you attract money.

  2. Never keep leaking taps in the house. Since water is symbolic of money so it is believed that if water is getting waste then money is also getting wasted.

  3. The building roof must slope from Southwest to Northeast i.e. South and West walls of the house should be higher and thicker than the walls of North and East.

  4. If you want to stabilize finances then plant big trees in South and South West portion of your home.

  5. Keep the center of your house clutter free and empty as this is the Brahmasthan area in any house.

  6. Never place big or high trees in the Northeast direction outside your home as this creates an obstacle for the cash inflow.

  7. If you are keeping a fountain then make sure that the water is not stagnant and always flowing. Place water fountain in the North East direction of the house.

  8. Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi like cleanliness so ensure that all the windows and doors of the house are properly cleaned. If not, they will obstruct the flow of money and wealth inside your house.

  9. Feeding birds in your plot’s yard attract wealth and positive energy. Feed birds with water and grains.

  10. Keep a Fish Aquarium in the Northeast area of your home. Make sure you keep aquarium always clean and aerated.
    Read More Click-

  11. Purple color represents money and wealth. So keep a purple colored plant in your home. If somehow you are unable to find a purple colored plant then you can also place a money plant in a purple colored pot.

  12. Never ever place cash almirah or locker under any beam, this will bring a lot of financial stress on the family.

  13. Place a mirror in front of the cash locker or cash almirah. This is a Smart trick to attract more money and wealth to your home.

  14. Avoid a place where there is a temple or high rise buildings etc. in the Northeast portion of your home. If there is no other solution, then make sure its shadow doesn’t fall on your plot or home.

  15. An opening of a door at the Northeast of the home also attracts money and luck.

  16. When there is an apartment in the Southside, the money stays more or stabilized income is seen. Make Southwest or West portion of your plot as a storeroom.

  17. A heavy open space towards North also brings more money to your home.

  18. Make sure your home is very well ventilated. Fresh air brings lots of positivity and calmness. Fresh air is very important for our brain to function more efficiently. When you work in a fresh ventilated environment, you will be able to think creatively and overall productivity increases.

  19. Make sure your home is made as per Vastu science. A Vastu compliant home not only brings more money but also attracts good fortune.

  20. Avoid bad habits that affect your health. If you smoke and drink (alcohol) on a regular basis, it brings negativity, ill health and loss of property

Conclusion- A clean house reflects a clean and peaceful mind. It is very important to keep your home healthy as per Vastu standards to attract more wealth and money to your home. Following the above effective Vastu Shastra tips will lead to a happy, healthy and wealthy life



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Money grants you the chance to do as you wish. Abundance and prosperity sweeten your life. Now, use the power of Vastu to make your house a money magnet.  

The important thing you must remember is that your whole house must be healthy as prescribed by Vastu for wealth, health and happiness. A combination of the ‘Five Elements’(or Panchtattva) and the 16 MahaVastu zones and their presence in your house will determine how you think, react and act. Based upon this, your life pattern is established. 

In the north Vastu zone, ensure that blue is the main colour and wavy shapes predominate. Shades of red will negate the goodness of this zone. Do not keep triangular shapes here as decoration. Do not locate the kitchen or bathroom here, or place the dustbin, broom, washing machine, mixer-grinder here. The kitchen represents fire and will dilute money, opportunities and career. Triangular shapes will benefit you here. The bathroom and sink represent waste disposal and will flush/drain away wealth and career. Keep a money plant in a green vase, or hang a scene showing a lush field or thick forest-these will attract money and better careers. Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, resides in the North, so keep her here, worship her with reverence and she will smile upon you!

If you are an investor, when you invest in shares, keep your desk in the west Vastu zone, and make decisions seated here. It will benefit you as this is the area of capital and gains. If you work in the east-southeast Vastu zone, you will remain confused and make the wrong choices. Avoid the south-southwest and west-northwest Vastu zones, too-these will cause financial damage.

The north-west Vastu zone is that which gets you support (financial) of banks and relevant persons in your ventures. Make sure that zone is Vastu-compliant. The north-northwest and south zones will both boost sales if you have a manufacturing set-up. In the former zone, keep working samples of your products and see how sales pick up. In the south, put up your company brand and fame will follow!

In which of the 32 zones does your main entrance lie? Be careful and ensure a good entrance. If it is an inauspicious one, troubles will hound you. For instance, the south-west door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems. A north Vastu entrance brings good career opportunities and money. The north-eastVastu entrance brings peace. The west entrance brings in wealth and prosperity. The south entrance is also a beneficial one.

Fire creates the spark that generates wealth. Water regulates the flow of wealth. Earth stores and multiplies wealth. So, keep the kitchen in the south-east or south-southeast and this will keep the spark burning strongly. The main colour should be pastel shades of red, orange and pink. Keep the safe, work table, drawing room in the northern areas for healthy money flow. The main colours should be blue, white and green.

In the west, the main colours are white and yellow. This is another location for the safe. Use round shapes as these represent the Earth element here. The west-southwest is the zone of savings. Keep this clean and use as a place for studies. You may also keep money and valuables in an iron safe in this area-this will ensure your wealth remains safe.

Many of the houses and flats nowadays come fully furnished. These are equipped with most of the common household items. If improperly placed or located, the room functions, walls and floor colours and materials, the furniture, decoration items, drainage, washing machine, microwave oven and other household objects, can cause considerable havoc. Other features, like shafts, air vents, water borings, water storage areas and such-like are also important. Overall, see if there is a harmonious and balanced energy cycle in your house.

The east is the area of associations and represents the social connectivity in your life. The main colours are green and blue. Plants and water do well here. A smiling Sun on this wall will boost your social life. With this, you will meet the right people and gain in many ways. 

You could also have your house thoroughly checked using the 4-Step MahaVastu method. You can discover what the potential or existing areas of imbalance are. These areas can be treated with simpleVastu cures using colours, lights, symbols, rangoli and plants.

Ensure that the negative zones, the north-northwest, south-southeast and east-southeast are in balance. These areas should be used for ridding oneself of negativity-be it depression or rubbish. When these are healthy, delays will not occur; timely decisions are made and what is no longer of use is easily put away.

One means to a happy and carefree life is secured wealth. It is good to increase your wealth and holdings, and focus on other things in life. It frees you of basic worries. Vastu can tackle problems in the material plane simply and successfully. Use it and watch your life become easier. Set up a healthy cycle of financial growth and security and rest easy!

more information can be found here:

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    Home is where the heart is!

    Home is where the heart is... goes the saying and it holds true for all of us. Be it at the end of a long day or early in the morning, we look forward to being at our own home. An individual’s home is where one seeks comfort, solace and good memories with family. Because our home is so important to, we are always worried about saving it from the evil eyes or negative energies surrounding us.


    Have a nameplate outside your door

    There is a science behind the idea of having a nameplate outside one’s door. Vastu experts advise people to place a nameplate outside their home. This indicates ownership of the house and it works in the favour of the owners as it helps trace positivity and good opportunities back to you.


    Vastu Tips - Light Lamps and Diyas

    Light lamps, diyas and incense at home each evening and morning. This acts as a cleanser, shooing away the negativity or any evil eye.


    Vastu Tips - Placement of Kitchen

    Build your kitchen in the south-east corner of the house. If not possible then, the north-west corner is the second best option. However, make sure your gas stove is placed in the south-east direction.


    Vastu Tips - Lemon drives away negative energy

    To shoo away negative energy, place a lemon in a glass of water. This water needs to be changed every Saturday. This must be done religiously each week.


    Vastu Tips - Don't keep medicines in kitchen

    Proof your kitchen against all evils. You can do so by keeping medicines away from the kitchen. This is because a kitchen indicates health and happiness, and medicines indicate otherwise.


    Vastu Tips - Meditate frequentyl

    Clear your mind. To do so, meditate for at least 15-20 minutes in a day. Chanting mantras also helps calm the mind. A clear mind can help do wonders. Plus, they are known to infuse positivity and good energy in the surroundings.


    Vastu Tips - Mirrors in bedroom

    There should not be any mirrors in the bedroom. If you already have a dressing table or a wardrobe mirror, you need to cover it with a curtain while sleeping. Also, make sure the mirror is kept away from the bed. According to Vastu, it leads to ill health and family discords.


    Place holy water in house

    In the dark, unused corners of the house, place holy Ganga jal. This needs to change every weekly. Placing holy water helps the inflow of positive energy.


    Use holy symbol of Swastik

    Swastik is the symbol for wealth and prosperity. It is auspicious to use Swastik symbols in house. On the outer side of your main door, draw holy symbols of Swastik and OM.


    Wind chimes in house

    Use wind chimes as the tinkling bells help to break negative energy patterns and help the positive energy to flow easily.


    Salt absorbs negative energy

    Salt is a healer. In this case, placing salt bowls in the corners of the house helps to absorb all the negative energy.


    Vastu Tips - Perform Puja in house

    To maintain the peace and happiness of your home it is important that you perform the Navagraha puja and Ganesh puja at least once in three years. This helps to do away with the Vastu dosha from the house.


    Keep the right picture frame

    Picture frames that depict tragedy, war, anger or have an eagle or an owl are not good for a home. They invite trouble and are inauspicious. If you have these in your house, remove them immediately.

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Everyone wishes that new year becomes lucky for them and they do not have to face the troubles or sad times in life.

For, this it is important to first correct the ‘vaastu dosh’ of your house. If your home is not vaastu-friendly then you may face obstacles at the start of every work or project.

Here we are providing you some Vastu tips which will help you get rid of impoverishment and financial crisis and spend the New Year happily.

1. For Happiness

According to Vaastu, there are two types of energies which surround us, i.e. negative and positive. All the energies come from the main gate of the house which is why it is considered very important to take care of the area.

To ensure the inflow of positive energy, make a swastika sign on the main door. If possible place the one made up of silver.  It will keep your home filled with happiness always.

2. For Wealth

As per Vaastu, God of money Kuber nestles in the north direction. If you take proper care of this direction then you will never face the lack of money. Placing Kuber’s idol in North direction is also considered good.

3. Plants

The plants in your home also bring the positive energy. So, it is necessary to know which the directions in which the different plans should be placed. If possible, keep the plants in the east direction, as it is considered appropriate for them.



4. Wealth and Prosperity

For the wealth and prosperity, the north direction is said to be very significant as per the Vaastu. Never keep torn clothes, garbage and broken electronic appliances in this direction.

Also, don’t keep the listed things in the north direction because it will create tension and financial problems in the house.

5. Water

If there is anything related to water like fountain, tank or tap in the south direction of the home then probably you will spend more than your earnings.

6. Plot

If you are planning to buy a plot for the business purpose then make sure to check the vaastu dosh. The plot facing south-west direction is not suitable for property business.

7. Kitchen

Mangal is called the owner of south direction. If the south direction of your home is affected then it calls for the legal troubles in your life. If your kitchen is situated in the south direction then don’t use any color other than white to paint it.

8. Temple



As per vaastu, the mandir in your house is a way for prosperity. So make sure to not place anything which disturbs it and create troubles for you. Also, never place the photos of your ancestors in the mandir and instead place them anywhere in the south-west direction.

9. Study

If you are doing anything related to study then always sit keeping your back in the direction of the door. It will increase your concentration. Never sit keeping your back in the direction of window.

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