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Kitchen in southeast extended upto compound wall

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Kitchen is in south east corner but it is extended on both south and east is extending upto the south and east compound wall.i can rectify the east side by demolishing wall and build in line with east wall.but on south side cannot  demolish because then the kitchen will become very there any rectification with other vaastu elements like mirrors etc.
posted May 8, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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No extension is allowed other than North East.
In your case it can be rectified by installing energy pyramids to remove the defects without any demolition.
House plan study to be made and then we can decide.
Further details pl contact;
S. Rajahgopaal
Vaasthu & cosmic divine energy consultant
Vastu compass community
Ph - 011 - 39585123
Mail -
answer May 8, 2018 by S.rajahgopaal
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