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Does garage needs Vastu?

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posted Nov 23, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Vastu for Garage

Vastu for GarageThough one of the most ignored area, garage is as important as the house itself. Just as a vastu perfect house radiates positive energies and promises a healthy life of the people staying in it, the same is applicable to the garage as well. For better efficiency and long life of a vehicle, the garage should have a correct vastu. The car should be housed properly and in the right direction, else be prepared for incurring a lot of expense. To get detailed information about vasthu for garage, read through the following tips and guidelines given below.
Vaastu Tips For Garage

Vaastu Tips For GarageThe location of the garage is one of the first considerations you need to make. Ideally, car garage should be in the northwest or southeast of your house.
If the car is placed in the west side of the northwest positioned garage, be prepared to undergo a lot of traveling. Very rarely would the car remain in the garage.
For a car parked in the southwest corner, it would require minor repair work

The floor level of the garage would be an inclined one, sloping towards the north or east direction.
The size of the garage should be such that a minimum of 2 to 3 feet of walking space should be left after parking the car inside. This would also ensure the movement of light and air in the garage. Vastu tips for Portico
Make sure that the car shed does not touch the main building or the compound wall.
Parking the car in the northeast direction is a strict no-no. Since northeast is deemed as the access point for heavenly forces, a car parked herein would obstruct the forces. However, if you the garage in the basement, parking in the northeast area is permissible.
Remember, a garage in the southwest would mean rare usage of the car. Your car would rarely come out of the parking space and would require constant repairing.
At the time of parking, always park your car with its front portion facing the north or east. This would ensure that the car would never get overheated.
In case you park your car facing the south or west side, chances are that your car might face fire hazards.
Ideally, the gate of the garage should face the north or east direction. Make sure the height of the garage gate is not more than the main gate of the wall. Also, it should open freely, i.e. there should not be any hindrance.Vasthu Guidelines for Garage
The path where the garage gate opens should be clear, allowing easy accessibility for the car's movement.
As for the colors of the garage, white, yellow or any other light color is considered auspicious for the garage.
Do not store any waste material or inflammable material in the garage, lest chances are that these might cause unnecessary harm to the garage.
Vastu For Portico

For those who have less space, constructing a garage will not be possible. As such the best bet would be to construct a portico for parking the car.
The location of the portico should be in the north or east of northeastVastu For Portico in the plots facing north or east directions.
Make sure that the portico does not touch the main building. Constructing pillars away from the main building with cantilever roof would be an ideal scenario.
When it comes to parking the car, north facing car is auspicious for businessmen while east facing car is good for politicians, administrators and government officers.

answer Nov 23, 2015 by Durga
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answer Nov 23, 2015 by Durga
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