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South facing office entrance

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I have opened a new shop. The office entrance is west facing. Office face is south direction. Is it good ? Please provide some suggestion for better prosperity.
posted Apr 29 by Avinash Nanganure

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2 Answers

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You send the shop plan for study. Then only i can give advice.
S. Rajahgopaal
Vastu guru - vastu compass community
Ph - 011 -39585123
Mail - vastu
answer Apr 30 by S.rajahgopaal
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Of course, it is important to have the particular Vastu for the floor plan of your house

The purpose of Vastu is to harmonize buildings at places in tune with mother-nature, so that the human dwelling the building, lives well balanced and happy life.

please share the floor plan or draw the image and share us at
you can call us at 01139585123 for more details.

answer Jun 28 by Garima Rima
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Dear sir,

We deal in export and import business. We got SCO which is two sided open in west and south direction. Entrance can be west and south. we just got it on rent and preparing it for office use. we are three partners in this business and all are willing to work hard to get it started, but i am a little bit nervous about the beginning and growth of business.

I always believe in vastu. Please suggest me, what should be the sitting and other arrangements to grow and succeed in future.


Sukhvinder singh


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